Preparation is the hardest step.

I’ve started looking into gathering up the fibers for PGSTA, as well as evaluating what I already have in my stash. Today I managed to destash 4 pounds of fiber and yarn, so I have some wiggle room within the Rules to begin acquiring the necessary fibers for the challenge…or would, if my budget allowed it 😛 Thankfully it’s pay week! I’m going to wait until next weekend, though– I’m going to the Fiber Festival of New England and I’m hoping to find some of the breeds I need there (why order online if I can buy from a local vendor?)

Still, that’s a whole week from now, so I might as well start on one of the breeds I already have fiber from. At the moment I have Border Leicester, Merino, Debouillet, Shetland, Cormo, Cashmere, Alpaca (only Huacaya; I still need Suri), and Coyote… so I have 7.5/144 ready to go 😉 I guess I’ll start on the Border Leicester today; if I can get it spun, that would be another 2 oz out of my stash, thus bringing the amount of fiber I can currently allow myself to purchase up to 16.5 oz….(and if I finish the SAL I’m currently working on for a Ravelry group, that would allow me another 2 oz, bringing me up to 18.5…and if I finish a crochet project, thus using the yarn–

Yeah, I should stop thinking that far ahead 😛

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