Fiber Festival <3

A fantastic day– we left a couple hours earlier than I had planned, but only because I ran out of cash 😉

So it started like this:


And as we were walking in, my favorite song was playing, so it was just perfect. It was pretty busy– my grandmother kept remarking that she was ‘surprised’ so many people love the fiber arts (LOL). But yeah, colorful yarn, lots of people, animals:


And LOTS of fluff, which I didn’t photograph, because I was too busy touching everything 😉 We were there from about 10 to 1:30, and examined evvveeerrryyy booth and bag and item. And touched every fleece. I love the smell of fleece!

After we were done at the Festival, we went back towards our hotel, bought coffee and some fantastic donuts, and entered a really amazing hotel room:


DUDE IT HAS A KITCHEN. I’ve never been in a suite before… ^.^”

And then I sat down and photographed all the fluff I bought:


I bought quite a lot, really… more than I had planned 😛 But it’s all nice stuff, and I’m excited to work with it 🙂

So now, as I go back to finishing my coffee and playing with my new fluff, I end with some pictures I took as I left the Festival:


Koi pond. Classic.

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7 Responses to Fiber Festival <3

  1. Verónica says:

    Looks like a fun day!!! Fiber festivals should have ATMs.

    • Most of the vendors had the ability to take cards…I made the decision not to take my card with me for precisely that reason 😉 Otherwise that bunny SO would have gone home with me…

  2. Sandy says:

    Sounds like a great fluffy trip! Congrats for starting a blog

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