Personal Research.

So today as I was trawling the internet researching Icelandic sheep (finished spinning that breed; still need to skein and soak ;), I cam across the wiki list of sheep breeds 0_0 And I though my list was extensive; there was about 150 more breeds than what I already have! Most of them, though, were either woolless breeds, too rare to even think about, or carpet-wool quality…Still, after reading through tons of sheep pages, I compiled this add-on list for the Fleecydex. It’s a back-up– if I can’t find some of the breeds on the original Fleecydex, perhaps I can supplement some of the ones on this list. Maybe. ^.^” Some of them are uber-rare; I picked the ones I most wanted to try spinning…

In the works/almost done:

Icelandic (spun, not skeined or soaked), and BFL (half spun)

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