After the Storm.

I’ve had…a pretty rough week. I don’t mean this week, although Monday was pretty busy at work. I’m talking last week.

You know about the Fiber Festival; I’ve blogged about that relatively extensively 😉 After the Festival, though, when we were back home again, my Grandfather had a heart attack. Which was… I don’t know the words, exactly. Paralyzing? I felt like I couldn’t move, although I suppose I did move, as Grandma keeps insisting I was a ‘great help to her’… Monday (night? morning?) was spent in the hospital while my Grandfather had a stent put in. And then I slept for not-long-enough. And then I spent Monday in the hospital with my grandparents.

Mid-week was mostly uneventful… Deep fall cleaning, mostly; I’m struggling to get my room organized. Saturday I was told that my mother’s favorite cousin passed away suddenly; that entire side of the family is in deep mourning (the funeral is tomorrow, I guess. I will not be attending; I did not get the chance to know her 😦 ). Saturday night I realize my guinea pig isn’t doing too hot again; she was having digestive issues lately, so I treated her, same as before. Sunday morning she… wasn’t looking good at all; she wouldn’t eat or drink, barely moved, and, worst of all, she wasn’t talking. Rhynn was always a super-chatty pig. I spent the day in a fog; she passed away that afternoon. She was about four years old.

I was doing okay until I saw the little bag of fur my sister had gathered up from her last shearing (Rhynndelle was a long-haired guinea pig). Then I completely and totally lost. Haven’t quite gotten over it yet; she was with me for most of high school, and I miss her terribly. I’ll just have to hold my other piggy, Theodore, even more often. He’s still a baby…

This is Theodore:


He’s a Texel cross with mid-length, soft, wavy fur…and the loudest voice in the history of guinea pigs >_< So, so chatty…

Anyways, I was pretty down when I got home from work today. Like I said, it’s been a rough week. And then I see this large package on my bed, and I remember that one of the spinners I met on Ravelry had offered to send me some wool for PGSTA. When she mentioned it I hadn’t expected a lot; anything would be more than generous, as I’ve never met her in real life, and good wool can be expensive. But this is what she sent me:


Samples of Ten. Different. Breeds. And some of the samples are quite large, too;
I’m super-excited for the Ryeland fleece 😉 A couple of them are breeds that are included in a large breed sampler I just ordered (1 oz of top for 21 different breeds; should arrive this week…), but you know what that means, right? I get to compare top to washed locks! I’ve always wanted to do a comprehensive study of which one better fits my spinning style… 😉 Plus they’re mostly colored fleece~~<3 I love colored fleece! I cannot wait to spin these!

So that package cheered me up a lot…and it’s not the only package I will be getting this week; the Warhill should ship soon; that breed sampler already shipped, as did some mesh bags I ordered to wash wool in, yarn for a swap, and colorful tights (it’s getting really cold out, after all– I need tights! 😉 ) So it should be a package-filled week of cheer-up-fullness, which is definitely needed.

Spinning progress shots:

Kramer Fleece:


Scottish Blackface:


Soon to follow: a picture of me drowning in wool 😉

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