Finally dry ;)

My yarns are dry! So now for the round-up…

#5– Scottish Blackface


A very frustrating spin; it’s not really my cup of tea. The finished yarn is surprisingly squishy and fun, though, so at least there’s that. This wool has a great potential for art yarns or decorative baskets (the locks ranged from 4” to 8”), but I can’t see wearing it. Felts relatively well. (Mine was a lamb fleece, so take this all with a grain of salt. Besides, every fleece is unique ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spun up 1.2 ounces for 24 yards of bulky.

#7– Cheviot


I spun up two separate samples here ๐Ÿ˜‰ The undyed was extremely coarse; I can see it maybe for hard-wearing, not-against-the-skin things– like boot insoles or something. The dyed sample was from a different producer entirely, and not that bad– still not next-to-skin soft for me, but maybe for someone else (maybe hat-level? It ain’t too bad). Obviously takes dye quite well, and spun up really easily.

The dyed sample was 1/2 an ounce and 20 yards DK; undyed is 1 ounce and 28 yards aran.

#18– Bluefaced Leicester

I goofed on the photos, so no progress shots…


I love longwools; they are my absolute favorite thing to spin :3 This was an easy, smooth, enjoyable spin; I’ve spun BFL before, so I had some fun with it. I’m excited to make this into something for myself; the drape kinda rules out a hat, but maybe something for my neck? I’ll pattern browse, I guess.

4 ounces of loveliness spun up into 114 yards of worsted/aran/bulky (varies).

So right now I’m working on Icelandic (I’m studying it with a Ravelry group), and I’m getting ready to spin up Swaledale…which is one of the wools I got in this sampler:


Sooo psyched to spin these! I now have 25% of the wools gathered up. I also found a Rav user with some rare UK breed fleeces for sale in the US; I messaged her to ask about possibly putting together a sampler for me. I’m pretty hopeful ๐Ÿ™‚

On the list to be spun next:

  1. Swaledale
  2. Dorset Horn
  3. Southdown

Now back to searching for the perfect Coopworth or Cotswold cross fleece to spin and ply with the Kramer fleece (Coopworth/Border Leicester/Corriedale) so I can make a large cloak for myself…

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