Swaledale, Dorset Horn, and Southdown, oh my! ;)

Next three are done 😀 These were a lot of fun, really 😉

#6– Swaledale


(Sadly no progress pics for this one; my camera was dead when I sat down to spin ^.^”) Considering Swaledale is in the same class as Scottish Blackface, I found this wool extremely nice to spin. It reminded me somewhat of spinning Border Leicester– not wonderfully soft, but drape-y, and easy to draft, and enjoyable. A little kemp, but that’s to be expected; I love the natural grey color :3

1 oz spun into 66 yards sport weight.

#10– Dorset Horn


One thing I forgot to mention in my original rules is that, when I have the chance, I plan on spinning some crosses along with the ‘pure’, so as to get a better sense of what traits are breed-specific. In this case, I started out with Dorset Horn top and Dorset/Finn cross fleece from my aunt’s sheep. I really like Dorset. It’s like an all-purpose wool– soft enough to not be itchy, strong enough to make something that will take some abuse. Childrens’ items, maybe…it’s amazing how ratty a hat can get after a winter or two 😛 Anyway, the pure Dorset is nice and squishy, and I’d love to spin more of it. The cross has a fair amount of luster to it, and is more of a buttery yellow instead of paper-white. It kind of reminds me of mohair.

1.8 oz of Dorset became 58 yards of aran, and .8 oz of Dorset/Finn became 36 yards of sport.

#12– Southdown


Southdown is a wool I find difficult to spin; I can’t quite seem to get control of it. It’s always either puffy and underspun or stringy and overspun– I can’t quite find the right balance, although once it’s plied it evens out somewhat. For those who master it, I hear down breeds make great socks– their wool resists felting, and is reasonably soft 🙂

1.2 oz of white became 52 yards of aran, and .5 oz of dyed became 17 yards of aran/bulky -_-” I feel like I wasted it…grargg.


This week I did a round of dye work; I had three oz of Cheviot left over that my sister decided to spin up (she’s a beginner; it’s a good wool for her, I think), and she had me dye two ounces of it:


The colorways are ‘Patchwork’ and ‘Mumble’ (a close relative of another colorway you’ll see soon called ‘Whisper’); I also dyed up my test samples for Devon Longwool and Lincoln Longwool (mainly because having all these white handspun skeins around is getting confusing…); you’ll see those colorways after I’m done spinning, along with a few yarns I dyed for my shop that are still drying.

Other than that… well, here’s what’s coming up:

  1. Devon Longwool
  2. Lincoln Longwool
  3. Teeswater
  4. Warhill (technically Merino should come next, but I want to try out Warhill instead…I’m dreading Merino -_-”)
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