Watching Wool Dry (and other assorted musings)

I washed the Warhill and the Icelandic on Sunday night… I may actually have been successful for once. Maybe. I have to wait for them to be dry before I know for sure…

It is so hard to wait! I’ve finished both of my Icelandic roving skeins (spun, set, the whole enchilada); and now I just have to spin those fleeces. That’s basically it.

Might as well post about the washing, anyways…I might as well torture you with pictures of soapy fleece :3



I bought four ounces of raw Warhill– Dirtiest. Sheep. Evar. Which makes sense; I mean, they’re a range sheep… Still. I think after all that washing, plus the picking and carding I’ll have to do once it’s dry,  I’ll have about 1.5 ounces of useable wool 😛 So, so, so dirty…

My process is to soak in steaming-hot water and soap for ten minutes each soak. This four ounces took three soap soaks and one rinse soak, for a total of 40 minutes of wash time (not counting the time it took in between to set up the water and such…probably an hour total). I then spent another 15 minutes dyeing it (no pictures of that yet…it has to be dry for me to get an accurate color photo). Once clean, it actually feels really nice… It should spin pretty, once I get the VM out.



(Yes, I did start spinning it damp…what can I say? I’m wicked impatient :P) I bought a thirteen ounce lamb fleece sight-unseen…As soon as I got it, all I could think was wolf. So I’m spinning it with the goal of making a floofy wolf hat to wear this winter :3 So far so good.

It was actually a really clean fleece. I had to wash it in two portions (I have a small sink…or more accurately, my mother has a small sink; I borrowed her kitchen for this process). It took two soap soaks and one rinse per portion, for a total of 60 minutes of actual wash time…probably an actual hour and thirty minutes, all things considered. Very little VM…I’ll continue to spin from the lock even after it’s dry :3


So that’s all of that. As for other things…while I was washing fleece in the sink, I was also kettle dyeing wools and yarns.

Everything hanging up to dry:


Actually, in retrospect that’s not everything…Not even close. I must have taken this picture before I dyed the yarn (separate project, lol) Here’s (almost) all the yarns (two have already gone on to new homes):


Now the hard part– figuring out which ones to keep, which ones to gift, and which ones to sell 😛 I hate this part…

Tuesday night I was still with at my mom’s house, and my younger sister asked me to teach her how to spin. She’s not the most patient person in the world, so I taught her a ‘cheating’ way to spin (basically, split the roving into thinner strips and spin without any drafting…) and let her experiment a little.


(Terrible photos, I know– I was using my phone) She was using Border Leicester… not the best beginner wool, but adequate. We only had about forty-five minutes together before I had to leave; she managed ten yards or so of bulky (which I helped her to set in mini-skein form and left drying at her house); she’s eager to keep learning, though, so I’ll work with her more next week.

…I guess I’ll just end with some photos of wool I dyed, lol. Everything else I want to talk about belongs in the ‘finished spinning’ post that I can’t do yet…because I haven’t finished– yeah. You get it.

‘Beached’ Corriedale:


‘Lipstick’ Merino (for my sister– not the little one who just learned to spin. A different one):


So that’s all for today– I have a lot of spinning to do this week ^.^”

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