The Avoidance of Burnout, and Why It’s Fun to WIP-Crack ;)

I have a very bad habit. You know what it is?

Obsessive crafting. When I like something, I obsess, I overspend, I gather materials, and I spend every waking moment doing that craft or art form until it all crashes down on my head and I have major, massive, burn-out. There are a couple crafts that now, even years later, I can’t even look at because just imagining starting them again makes me sick to my stomach.

I don’t want to get burned out on spinning. So…I’m taking a break, and I’m interspersing other crafts in, too, because otherwise… -_- I would be burned out by now. I’ve been spinning for a year and a half…and I’m starting to edge towards a breaking point of sorts. So. Breaks.

On to WIP cracking!

When I started spinning, I started to ignore crocheting, and I stuffed all my WIPs in a large wooden chest I keep under the window. And I ignored them. This week I pulled everything out, photographed them for Ravelry, bagged them, labeled them, paired them with the proper hooks and patterns, and…got to work 🙂 I’ve made good progress so far; I already finished a commissioned plushie from a year (!) ago (I contacted her and she still wants it; I waived her fee, although she’s still helping me with the shipping), and got as far as I can in one shawl (need a skein or two more yarn), finished a scrap-tastic backpack-style project bag for my sister, and finished this:


12 ounces/560 yards of two-ply handspun (my whole September’s worth of spinning, practically– it was for a Mad Hatter SAL) became this squishy, warm shawl for me ❤ I love this thing so much… I need to find the perfect shawl pin, though… maybe one of these? I saved a few I like in my Etsy so I can go back and buy the perfect one later; I have a feeling I’m going to end up with many shawls; they’re my favorite thing to make.

I’m taking this week to continue working through WIPs, as well as finish the Icelandic…I have 4 hats to finish + do a couple rows on my third shawl (or buy a skein of yarn to finish the second shawl…-_-”) + stitch together my amigurumi person (her name is Ember…I’ve finished all the pieces but have yet to put her together) + do a square or two for a blanket or maybe some Apiary puffs… or work on Warhill… or Wensleydale, which is what I have planned next… or start my Fourth Shawl, since I joined a CAL for one (still picking the yarn…)… or work on origami throwing stars for my shop (they sell well; people buy them as ‘gift filler’)… or finish my Phat samples for January…

Actually, knowing me, I’ll do none of this and start some entirely different project with no purpose in mind for no reason whatsoever. Yay for indecisiveness! 😛


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