Cheviot (Part 2) + Icelandic Mega-Test

I realized I forgot to spin my sample of American Miniature Cheviot (a descendant of normal Cheviot). So here’s Cheviot Part 2:


I got all excited while spinning this, because it was spinning so fine and even straight from the lock. But then during plying it kept snapping, so I guess it doesn’t like being spun thin after all 😛 This single tiny skein has about seven joins in it…

.8 ounces spun into 44 yards of squishy DK weight.

#43– Icelandic

I tested this one pretty extensively. Are you ready? Here’s the first one 😉

Icelandic 1

This roving I bought at the fiber festival 😉 It’s somewhat rough; it kind of reminds me of straw… but it was the easiest spin, like, ever 0_0

2.2 ounces of roving became 108 yards of DK weight.

Icelandic 2

This one was from the breed study I do with the Willow Glen Farm group on Ravelry; it was a roving made with lamb fleece, and was soooo niiicccceee :3 There was more thel in this one, and the result is a little silky and squishy, and super warm… Not the softest wool ever, but definitely perfect for winter 😉

3.4 ounces became 130 yards worsted weight.

Icelandic 3

Finally, my fleece 🙂 It was from a lamb from the same flock as the grey roving; I loved spinning this up– so, so, so wolf-like, lol. I could easily see the difference between the tog and thel; the tog behaved like a standard longwool, while the thel behaved like a slippery angora (though not as soft). I tried to draft a little bit of tog in with the thel each time to keep it together; otherwise it tended to pull apart.

13 ounces of raw fleece became 9.6 ounces of washed fleece which became 160 yards of ‘variable weight’ (varies from worsted to super bulky).


So that’s Icelandic 😉 Rather fun, even if it was pretty tiring.

This week I’m working away on Warhill (so. sick. of VM.), with breaks for spinning Shetland (I love Shetland!), and I’ll probably start Wensleydale this week, since my breed study package for Willow Glen should be arriving Thursday or Friday. And in between I’ll be crocheting Apiary Puffs. And playing the beta for Starbound (it’s finally out! W00t!). And playing with the Game Boy SP I bought in a moment of weakness while thrifting on Sunday (such a good deal! And it has all the cords! And 17 games! How could I resist?!?!)

…I think it’ll be a busy week.

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