Welcome to Wonderland.

Well, it finally happened. A ginourmous snow storm. We’d had some ‘baby storms’ already this year, but now we have real snow, and I don’t know whether to rejoice or to hide in my house and not leave until Spring.

Snow…. -_-” At least I now won’t look stupid for wearing warm scarves and such…you get funny looks when you wear them in the summer 😉

I shot this photo from the window at my Grandmother’s house (more on that in a moment); it’s a crap picture, but at least you can see the snow:


…and then I spent, like, half an hour trying to photograph the frost on the other window before giving up because my camera refused to focus on it. So there’s that.

As to why I’m at my grandmother’s house… I came down to work. She lives near where I work, so two days a week I go down to either my mother’s or my grandmother’s so I’m near my place of work. I decided to work and extra shift…today, actually (more like tonight), so I decided to go down for the whole weekend + Monday and Tuesday, and when I came Friday night, I finally was given the knowledge I’ve wanted for years.

My grandmother taught me to use her sewing machine :3 Which I thoroughly enjoyed. And then yesterday, because she wanted to encourage me to keep working at it, she bought me my own machine 🙂


It’s vintage; we found it at a thrift and we weren’t sure it worked. But after cleaning it up and playing with the booklet, we got it working quite well 🙂 Turns out it’s a Kenmore 1750; it had all the little stitch gear thingies with it, some bobbins, extra needles, a button holer… basically, everything I needed, even the instruction booklet. So I’m having fun playing with it (it is so heavy!)

Other than that…I need to go get ready for the day, so I have time to eat lunch before going to work 😛 So I guess my next post will be some finished yarns + maybe some sewn things, if I can master the art of things not looking like crap…. 😉

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2 Responses to Welcome to Wonderland.

  1. empress27 says:

    Ooh, good luck with learning how to sew! I have a sewing machine in my room I’ve never quite managed to get the hang of using. At the moment, it seems I’d rather sew things by hand, which is extremely long and tedious. Ah well, maybe in the New Year I will have a try at it again. Loving the snow pictures. Where we are means we probably won’t get any snow, we never do until about March time. (Scotland, on the borders).

    • It’ll take me awhile to get the hang of it, I think. I was taught hand sewing as a child, but I’m really bad at it 😉 I’m not a patient person, really…

      There will be more snow pictures :3 We got a foot of snow so far, and will be having another storm tomorrow (while I’m at work). I’ll try to remember to bring my camera…

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