Warhill, Wensleydale, and Cotswold (Finally!)

Finally finished them~~! ❀

Seriously, though, I had the singles sitting on my desk for two or three weeks…just couldn’t get around to plying. BUT they are finally done, and I am pleased πŸ˜‰ The only thing is I haven’t set them yet, so the weights might be a little off (normally I soak my yarns in hot water and then hang them to dry, but I haven’t been able to yet because I have a stubborn, wet fleece taking up all my drying space :K)

So here we go!

#21– Cotswold


I have heard Cotswold described as ‘poor man’s mohair’, and this is truly the perfect description. Lustrous, somewhat luxurious, and super-easy to spin, this stuff is wonderful (it even has a halo!). It’s not quite as soft as mohair, though… so maybe more of a novelty than anything else.

1.2 ounces of locks became 62 yards of (mostly) fingering-weight.

#28– Wensleydale

I tried two different samples of this one– first the top, then the roving:



The top was part of a large breed order I did, while the roving was from the breed study I do with Willow Glen Farm. Other than the fact that the top was more of a buttery color, while the roving was almost pure white, they spun pretty much exactly the same– same level of softness and luster, and roughly the same characteristics to the finished yarn. Nice stuff– I don’t love it quite as much as Teeswater, but I can definitely see the potential πŸ˜‰

1.6 oz of top became 48 yards of DK-weight.

2.5 oz of roving became 86 yards of Worsted.

And last, and in my eyes, least…

#B32– Warhill

One of the wools from my secondary list…


Warhill was, for me, at least, absolute torture. I ordered the raw portion of fleece with the full knowledge of the ‘warnings’ about this breed– it’s a ‘plains’ breed, uncoated, and is exceptionally dirty. Me being me, I completely ignored that point. I so wish I hadn’t >_<

You see, while dirt and dust wash out well, and while the fleece seemed to have only minimal lanolin, what it did have was the most abundant sampling of VM I have ever dealt with in my life. Every time I worked with the wool, I finished looking like I’d been gardening, my pants and shirt absolutely covered in pieces of grass and hay, little sticks, thorns, dirt… I washed the fleece, I dyed the fleece, I carded the fleece twice, I spun, I plied… and STILL the finished yarn has a ton of VM in it! Most frustrating fleece EVAR, especially considering the fact that the wool is otherwise quite soft, and would be wonderful to work with, if I could get it clean.

4 ounces of raw fleece became 2.2 ounces of yarn (probably more like 1.9, if I could’ve gotten the VM out)– 86 ounces of aran.


So that’s what I have for finished spinning at the moment. I’m also working on a personal spinning project; a while back someone sent me a pair of batts in a swap that they had dyed and carded for me in colors inspired by Planet Vulcan; I paired these with a braid of wool I dyed a pumpkin-ish orange and a sampling of blended white wool… I’m hoping to make an interesting cowl with the resulting yarn; I’m half way through plying, and then I’ll be done πŸ˜‰ After that… well, I’m waiting for Kramer’s Fleece to dry (I finally gave in and washed it) so I can card it. And then I’ll choose a random sampling of breeds from my list to work on for the next month, too.

See y’all around πŸ˜‰

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