That ‘new year’ smell ;)

Well, it’s 2014. A bit late to post that, I suppose, but I do have an excuse (CONSTANT. SNOWSTORMS. 2 A WEEK. IT’S INSANE.) But at least I’m indoors– it’s wicked cold outside, and has been for quite a few days now.

So today I took my day trapped indoors to organize my yarn 😛 I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile; basically I matched my stash to projects I wanted to use it for. The yarns I could not find a use for I set in three piles, a.) Gifting, B.) Re-dye, and B.) Sell. So I sorted out about 15% of my stash, so that was nice, and managed to clear off a shelf so my new stash would have a home:


Fabric shelf :3 I iz pleased.

I also finally finished skeining up my mega-spinning project:


320 yards of two-ply 0_0 My largest skein yet! I still have to soak it and hang it; I also finished plying Whitefaced Woodland (which also needs the final ‘soak and hang’ step…) But it was a pretty productive day.

Before the most recent storms I cast some resin pendants…which was a bad idea, as the temperature in our house has been lower than usual, so the resin is taking forever to set 😛


They don’t look like much while still in the molds… I’m hoping the bails I chose for them will look good; I accidentally ordered copper instead of bronze ^.^” Very bright and shiny…I prefer the more dull tone of bronze; it matches the watch gears better.

Let’s see… OH! I finished carding Kramer’s fleece!


Welcome to Mount Kramer… 😉 It’s my project for the year LOL

So the Ravellinics are coming up… I’m not sure how many of you know what those are; basically it’s a world-wide knit-and-crochet-along that follows the schedule of the Olympic games. The goal is to finish objects and to try new things 😉 Sounds fun, right? My goal for the games is to finish a bunch of blanket squares for a blanket square swap I need to ship out by….May 1st, actually. But they’ll take awhile to complete (28 squares! I’m so behind -_-”) So I’m hoping to finish 10+ of them in February (if I did one a day I’ll get them all done LOL)

But all this thinking about Ravellinics goals got me started on my crafting goals for 2014 in general…and I might as well post them to give myself motivation, right? 😉 So here we go…


  • To be able to sew straight lines consistently
  • To complete my first skirt
  • To get to the point where I feel confident selling sewn items in my Etsy, where I am proud of my merchandise.


  • To learn some new techniques so not every meal I make is either stir fry or soup 😛
  • To re-master some techniques I’ve forgotten due to not using them– specifically some cake decorating techniques, such as drop lines and frosting roses.
  • To master tofu 😛 I can never get my tofu to come out right; I want perfect pan-fried tofu!


  • To learn Tunisian and Bosnian crochet.
  • To complete my first actual garment (a top of some sort, or a pair of socks…)
  • Entrelac. I NEED to learn it!!

Last but certainly not least…


  • To spin through at least 50% of the breeds I currently have in my possession (not counting any I purchase throughout the year)
  • To finish spinning Kramer’s fleece!
  • To learn and become proficient at a new skill or two– maybe boucle?

I have other crafts, too, but no real goals for them other than to complete a little bit of drawing, beading, and sculpting each month so as not to forget or ‘lose’ these skills. And maybe to get better at them. That’s always a good thing.

So what are your goals for 2014?

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2 Responses to That ‘new year’ smell ;)

  1. empress27 says:

    Your goals are very similar to mine. I would like to learn entrelac too, and I certainly need to spin up quite a bit of the wool I have, both carded and raw fleece. I’m learning new sewing skills too, so that’s something I plan on being able to do well by the end of the year. I’m working on my second quilt! Good luck with all your resolutions and with the Ravellenics. I plan to join in with that too!

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