Playing around.

I’m an easily distracted person; as far as I know, I always have been. I also am a horrid procrastinator. But I’m working on it. Sort of. It’s a long story.

Anyways…I have an interview-ish thing Tuesday,to see if a LYS is interested in stocking my stitch markers. And I’m pretty much in full panic mode ^.^” I’ve never done retail before, and suddenly I’m worrying about whole-sale pricing, and packaging, and branding, and, and, and…

So I’ve spent the whole week immersing myself in research, and trying not to get distracted. But then getting distracted. By things like Etsy (listed a ton of stuff, and tweaked some listings, and actually sold something. That’s a big deal for me lol). And brainstorming packaging ideas. And coming up with some. And then getting side-lined by seeing a sculpted metal shawl pin on Etsy, and remembering that I need a shawl pin. So I designed one with my wire; it’s a dragonfly, and I love it, and I wore it today and garnered more compliments than I expected, so I guess I’ll be making more of them in the future…Mostly as gifts; maybe I’ll add them to the shop? I don’t know if they’d sell; they’re just…



I also got distracted by my beads again. They’re one of the things I get super-OCD about. Like organizing my hundreds of pens by brand and color (I draw and write a lot; I NEED a huge stash of pens!). Or having everything in my ‘junk drawer’ bagged, tagged, and placed in a ‘logical’ position. Or the hours I spent sorting my buttons…But beads. Beads. They have once again foiled my efforts of organization; my stash has grown by two full boxes (my sister decided she no longer liked jewelry making, and I inherited her stash…plus I bought a couple grab bags from a flash destash sale. So be it). So now I have this tower of bead boxes, and no idea where to put them, or how to store them, and besides that they’re still all mixed together, dangit! I want them sorted by color and size, and they will be, if it is the last thing I do! πŸ˜›

But yeah, I’m up to 9 bead & findings boxes, plus jars of tools (two sets of pliers + two hole punches).

I’m also working on a design project. Did I ever mention my undying love for crocheting shawls? I’m constantly designing new ones, just for fun…I write down all the details, but never type the patterns, even though I know I should. I’m not sure why ^.^” Anyways, I have a new lacy shawlette on the hook, and it’s soft and shiny and fun to work on πŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll finish it this week.

At least after all this stressing out over the retail thing, I have a nice weekend planned. One of my friends (who sews) is ‘kidnapping’ me for the weekend to teach me the tricks of the trade, plus letting me explore/raid her stash of fabric and yarn. In return I’m teaching her to spin :3 Seems fair.


Hope everyone had a great week!

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