A little overdue for a blog post ;)

I was supposed to blog Tuesday, wasn’t I? ^.^” I guess I got distracted… Letsee, what have I done lately…

-The interview at the yarn shop went extremely well 🙂 The owner has started selling my stitch markers in her shop. She’s also organizing a knitting retreat this Spring, and wants me to set up a table there 😀 Super hopeful!

-One of my little brothers was home sick for part of this week, so he hung out with me, helped me organize my beads (I’m down to six containers! w00t!), and I let him play around with my beads and make a ‘keychain’:


I’m still trying to explain to him the concept of ‘less is more’… ^,^”

–Last Saturday & Sunday I spent some time with a woman me and my sisters’ met. She’s actually the grandmother of several of my close friends, and a major crafter. She has three whole rooms of supplies 0_0 Plus a basement and garage…it’s all packed in plastic totes; she wants me and my sister to help her organize it this Summer. Anyways, she’s super generous…As I was looking through her things, she took down a large plastic tote, set it beside me, and told me to fill it with things I want. So now I have some luscious yarn (alpaca!!! nice cottons!!! lotsa mohair and wool!!!), two new sketchbooks, some tools, some patterns… and my fabric stash has doubled:


She also taught me how to knit with DPNs, and hinted at many other things she could teach me in the future. It’s going to be a fun year :3

–I went with my grandmother to a large ‘special’ Goodwill– a ‘by the pound’-style. It was cleaner and better organized than some I’d visited in the past… Along with a huge handful of crochet booklets and a sewing book, I bought a whole bag of fabric and some sweaters to unravel…and two fully-working sewing machines FOR A DOLLAR APIECE. And they’re not the cheap plastic crap, either– they’re both retro metal ones, super industrial, and work beautifully 🙂 So that brings my collection up to three… the two I have at my house are my Kenmore and my (new) Universal (which I think is from the 70s, but I’m having trouble tracking down the exact model).


The third is a White (most likely also from the 70s); it’s going to live at my mother’s house for the time being. It still needs to be cleaned up; I’ll post pictures once it’s shiny :3

–Finally, what you all come here for ^.^” Breed study 🙂

#78: Jacob

I love Jacob wool. I think it’s a combination of the history:

Among the many accounts of ancient breeds of piebald sheep is the story of Jacob from the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. According to the Book of Genesis (Genesis 30:31–43), in what may be the earliest recorded attempt at selective breeding,[3] Jacob took every speckled and spotted sheep from his father-in-law’s (Laban’s) flock and bred them. The Jacob is named for the Biblical figure of Jacob.[1][4] The resulting breed may have accompanied the westward expansion of human civilization through Northern Africa, Sicily, Spain and eventually England.[2] However, it was not until the 20th century when the breed acquired the name “Jacob sheep”.[5]  ~Wikipedia

and how cool they look…plus it’s a really fun spin 😉Image

I had two samples of this breed– I’ll start with the roving 😉 As you can see from the picture, the roving kept the two colors separate (that’s another thing I love about Jacob sheep; I love colored wool!), which led to a really funky yarn. The roving had some neppy bits to it…which I actually enjoyed spinning, but YMMV. It’s just a really relaxed spin, with average softness and average loft, but a lot of fun all the same.

2.2 ounces of roving became 106 yards of worsted.


The top spun a lot smoother…and was less fun 😛 I just prefer an artsy spin. Still, it’s pretty nice– a bit softer than the roving, definitely, though not as squishy– and I really like the color.

1.2 ounces of top became 68 yards of worsted weight.


# 93– Whitefaced Woodland


Everything about this wool seemed average– average staple length, average softness, average color– until I finished plying it. So. Squishy. It’s got great loft :3 Personally, I’d love to use it for amigurumi…

1 ounce became 40 yards aran weight.


So that’s how the past week or so has went… I guess I’ll end with this:


Every winter I make paper snowflakes for the windows of where I work. This year I made one for every window– about 20 snowflakes, I guess. I may have gotten myself into a bit of a situation, though ^.^” Everyone likes them (even my bosses), but now I keep getting asked, “So what are you going to do for Spring?”

I don’t want to be the decorator, lol.

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