So apparently I am an idiot.

Today I had to shear my guinea pig…. I don’t remember if I posted much about him before; I bought him at the Fryeburg fair…He’s about seven months old now? Anyways…

He’s super soft…And normally quite sweet…But he’s terrified of scissors and combs and is a holy terror to groom. It finally got to the point where we couldn’t keep up with the matting along his hind end, so I bought a set of electric clippers and today he got his first ‘shearing’. Weird little creature…He completely ignored the clippers; they are loud and they vibrate…totally didn’t faze him -_-”

His fur feels sort of like a superfine BFL– really soft, but a lot of lustre, too. Because we waited three months (!) to clip him, some portions are three inches long…And there was more fluff than pig, lol. (He’s only about 7 months old…he’s still little).

Fur ended up all over me, all over his ‘handler’ (my brother, the pig whisperer…), plus a ton in the sink (the nice parts that I kept), the floor (tossed), and a handful of matts (tossed).

Teddy's First Haircut

At the moment I’m debating how often to clip him. On the one hand, I would love to accumulate enough fluff to spin a Teddy yarn from him; I still regret that I didn’t save more from Rhynn before she passed away. On the other hand, he’s so hard to keep up (he matts like baby poodle fur!), and I know it’s uncomfortable for him when I have to clip the matts off. Maybe I’ll keep his hind end clipped and let his sides, back, and ‘sideburns’ grow longer…Three months is a good length for them…

Once he was clipped, I noticed how small he is. I mean, yeah, he’s only seven months, and Rhynn and Chloe and Kevin and Gwen took a year to reach their full sizes… Still, a boar should be a little bigger than he currently is, so I looked up his breed, and here is where the idiocy comes in.

You see, I was told to pick out a cute family pig. So I decided to pick out one I’d never had before. I remembered hearing about a breed with short hair that was super soft and I knew it started with a ‘t’. So when I saw baby Theodore in a cage labelled ‘Texel cross’, I assumed that was what I was looking for, and he had the perfect temperament, so I bought him.

You know what Texels look like? I only found this out today:

Long, curly fur. And to think this entire time I just thought his non-Texel parent was a Silkie or something! -_-” The funny thing is, the guinea pig I had originally wanted is called a Teddy. So entirely by accident I ended up with a Texel named Teddy instead of a Teddy named…I don’t know… Something else like Sully or something. Still, this website offered some advice for raising Texels with nice coats. Since their fur is always growing, their dietary needs are different, so I’m going to look into changing his feed.

Thank goodness he’s cute…He’s a lot of work! 😛


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