Mega Spin-Down, ENGAGE!

I’ve been rather busy lately… I’m looking at my finished yarns that are drying (just have to wait for them to dry, and then weight them, and then I can post them!), and at all I’ve accomplished these past couple of weeks… yeah. No wonder my wrists hurt so much, lol (which is why I have time to blog…I decided to take a day off from every sort of crafts to rest my arms and shoulders). So let’s see…

I started to learn support spindling:


Only 1/4 of an ounce so far; I need a good spinning bowl before I continue…

I finally cleaned out and organized my closet, after which I put in a shelving unit and created my ‘fiber library’:


The other half is filled with clothes, of course.

I also, after much research, finally dove in and ordered all the tools for learning whittling– the blades, leather finger guards, a slip strop, 15 pounds of wood… The wood hasn’t gotten here yet, though, so no pictures of hand-made crochet hooks yet! (Although I did start practicing basic cuts on a piece of scrap wood).

I finished my first ‘breed study shawl’:


Took me about eight hours straight of crocheting… When I think about how long it took me to make the yarn…Thinking about 2 hours per ounce…Probably 22 to 25 hours total went into this shawl, not counting the washing of the wool, the setting of the yarn, and the blocking. And people wonder why I don’t sell shawls in my Etsy ^.^”

Now as for what is coming soon…

Finished and currently drying:

  1. Kerry Hill
  2. Gotland
  3. Suffolk
  4. Manx Loaghtan
  5. Herdwick
  6. Masham
  7. Welsh Mountain
  8. Texel

Need to be plied:

  1. CVM
  2. Romeldale

Queued for this month:

  1. Corriedale/Bond (Around 4 oz of each)
  2. Mohair (whole fleece)
  3. Other small single-ounce samples…Whatever I feel like, lol

Although I may get distracted and end up carving out tons of crochet hooks and get little else done… We shall see 😉


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