Clean-Up Day

For the most part, I lead a somewhat…cluttered… life; as I go about doing my different projects, I leave a trail of supplies and half-finished works behind 😛 Plus other things, too… anyways. Yeah, today was clean-up day.


I started with a shoe round-up. I had no idea I had so many pairs…

Even if I had known, though, I doubt it would’ve stopped me from buying these two pairs last night; they fit so nice, and they were so cheap…


They remind me of ice skates 🙂

Then I removed the last month’s worth of photos from my phone; I played with some of them in PicMonkey…


(took this one after finding that whole set of Prismacolors at a thrift shop for $2…)


(They had a whole litter of pit bull puppies at the local shelter; I wanted the one with spots so bad…I was going to name her Stacy.)


(My sister’s evil cat at a seemingly vulnerable moment. Do not be fooled; she will destroy you as you walk by…)


(My desk on a ‘good’ day ^.^” The hedgie mug has a chai latte in it…)


Then came the spindle round-up. One of them is still in with my large-scale spinning project I’ve been neglecting; that one is a dedicated spindle, so I didn’t have to go looking for it. I was looking for my Turk, though…


*sigh*. Endless Shetland…I decided to use the other two ounces of Shetland fiber for a different project, and wound off all the singles and made two two-ply balls. I was all ready to ply when I remembered where my only two spindles heavy enough for plying are…


Darn. Guess I’ll have to wait (or buy my 9th spindle…)

Then came the project round-up. Pretty much all of my crochet projects are safely bagged and waiting for me to pick them up again, but I did have a bit of a time corralling my hexipuff project:


I think I’ve got all the sock yarn sectioned off in the proper bags now, though.

So what did I do, other than move projects from one shelf to another?



I need more work with those skin-tone markers, though. If you press even the tiniest bit too hard, the shades become horridly unnatural.

I love my fountain pen, though :3 Can’t wait for my ink to arrive; tracking says tomorrow! (And the Norse wool should arrive, too! :D)

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2 Responses to Clean-Up Day

  1. Accomplishment day.

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