Ink, Parker, Deadlines, and Playing Catch-Up (and Rambouillet!)

It has been way too long since my last blog post! Seriously, I don’t know how I let that happen…I guess the custom order I got on Etsy (origami throwing stars for party favors) took up more of my time than I though ^.^” Anyways… time for a catch-up post!


Since my last post I:

  • Bought a fish. His name is Rhys (Reese) Parker πŸ™‚ (and yes, that little pronunciation thing is necessary…people keep calling him ‘Rice’, his name is not Rice, lol) See, my brother had given me a tank, and I had been planning on making a terrarium, but I wasn’t sure I could rig up the lighting right, and water plants are cool, too, and then we got a really pretty batch of bettas at the store I work…so I rushed home, set up the tank super fast with pre-cycled stuff from my a-fish-ianado siblings, and exactly 24 hours later added Parker to my tank. The only problem is he won’t sit (swim? float?) still long enough for me to get a good picture, so here’s a small sampling of the eleventy-billion blurry pictures I’ve taken since sticking him in the tank two weeks ago πŸ˜› Image
  • Ink! As you (possibly…depends on how often you read my blog) know, I’m obsessed with fountain pens πŸ˜‰ I love the lines I get… anyways, I’ve been playing around with them some more, ordering new colors, etc…ImageOne of the ‘fountain’ pens I bought was a tiny brush pen that can be refilled with ink cartridges. I finally ran through the cartridge, so just for fun, I washed most of the ink out to clean it, put some silicon grease on the threads (waterproofing), and converted it into a eye-dropper brush pen, filling the base with Shah’s Rose (Noodler’s…nice color ;). This probably doesn’t mean much to most of you, but what it means is that I now have a marker that I can refill with any color I want. Which for me is wicked cool. Plus when I first started drawing with it, it still had a tiny bit of black, so it made a gradient from black to grey to pink…very cool :3 The bottom two pictures are what happens when I make a mistake; ink is not erasable, of course, so mistakes are generally permanent. I don’t like to tear out pages, so I color over them (either in ‘basket-weave’, like the unfinished page in the 5th picture, or I paint over in India ink) and then I do a design over them in my pens meant for coloring on black πŸ˜‰ It’s wicked fun.
  • I finally finished some personal yarns :3 Letsee… ImageA ‘sampler’ skein, some red wool (Finn, I think), the first skein of Kramer… and…ImageCuttlefish Reef! πŸ˜€ The gold/green/orange/brown is 4 ounces(-ish) of BFL, the teal/green/lavender is 4 ounces(-ish) of Teeswater, and the sand color is…well, it was 6 ounces of raw BFL/Romney cross fleece; after washing it was maybe 4.5? I forgot to weight it ^.^” The ‘sand’ skein is 206 yards, and the ‘reef’ skein is 236 yards :3 I shall make a shawl(ette?) and it shall be pretty and shiny :3
  • I’m in prep-mode for TDF…which doesn’t start until July 5th, but I want to be super, super, super ready this year πŸ˜€ While the rules have changed in the main boards, the rules in the Wildcard teams I join have not, and I really want to win a prize this year, so prepping and training are the way to go…which, for me, means a.) finishing my WIPs and b.) doing as much breed study as possible because I don’t plan on breed studying during TDF and c.) picking out my projects (or, in this case, custom ordering a special braid or two of BFL from one of my favorite dye artists) and getting them prepped to spin (still deciding what to spin, exactly…probably no fleeces this year; I want to spin shiny BFL and some floofy batts!). At the moment I actually only have two WIPs: ImageSome absolutely wonderful Montadale I was spinning along with Willow Glen (I bought an extra four ounces of lamb…so I have a finished skein of ewe, and one finished skein of lamb that is about 2.5 ounces…and one more skein of lamb to go! So close!), and some beautifully dyed Jacob I bought from Willow Glen (what can I say? She has great stuff πŸ™‚ that I’m spinning artsy for a chunky cowl. So far so good.


–Finally photographed Rambouillet! Still haven’t drawn a picture…but maybe I’ll have the chance to do that today… ImageThree samples for this one…because Rambo varies like crazy 0_0 The first sample was soft, lush…kinda like the Bond, actually; it was soooo pleasant! The second was silkier, shinier…not as soft, but not bad; definitely a fun spin. The third was way more rough– I can’t think of a good way to describe it; it just wasn’t as fine, and it wasn’t squishy, or silky or anything. It was…bland. And not very enjoyable. So if you want Rambo…ahhh. Who am I kidding? I should’ve bought a sample from these guys; they have the best Rambo I’ve tried so far (I tried them before my breed study even started, hence the lack of examples of spinning them…)

The first sample was .6 ounces of roving, and spun into 28 yards.

The second sample was .8 ounces of fleece, and spun into 22 yards.

The final sample was 1 ounce, and spun into 30 yards.


Well, I guess that’s it for now…back to finishing Montadale! *fistpump*

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