A Call for Commissions!

Short version: I’m opening commissions to fund a large-scale upgrading effort. Details below 😉

So I have decided that fountain pens are the way to go!

Allow me to explain 🙂 I have been drawing for more than seven eight years now. For a long time I stuck with gel pens, which was great before Magnatanks were discontinued and I could buy a four-pack for $1. But a pack of the eight colors of Uniball Signo 207s (the next best pen for what I want…I have tried dozens of brands) ranges from $10 to $16, and lately every pack I buy has a dud green and a dud black! What’s up with that?! Those are my fave colors to draw with 😦 And even when they work, each pen can only complete maybe 3 full-size (9” x 11”) abstract designs…

So I think it’s time to upgrade. See, I can buy a Platinum Preppy for $3.30, convert it to an eye dropper pen for literally pennies, and fill it with 3 mL of ink, which, depending on the viscosity of the ink, can do upwards of 7 full designs. Most of the inks I’m looking at are between $12 and $20, and between 90 and 135 mL….which is a ton of drawings. Just as a basic example, let’s say I spent $13 on the ink, and $3.30 on the pen…round to $17…90 mL…So I can fill the pen 30 times, and each fill is 7 drawings…210 drawings…or about 8 cents a drawing! Why would I keep buying gel pens when I can get better (and often waterproof, bleach proof, etc proof) results for cheaper?

Which brings me to my point. While the I’ll save a ton in the long run, the start-up cost ain’t cheap, and I need to raise about $250 for my full conversion (I need a lot of colors -_-”). So I’m opening commissions 🙂

Half-Size (4.5” x 6”) Image: $15

Full-Size (either 9” x 12” or 9” x 11”, depending on the paper I use): $25

Styles (examples):


Quasi-Realism (Animals or Plants only):

Shipping/Handling: I can email you a high-res scan for free. If you want the original for your home, then I can attempt that, too. In the US shipping would be about $4 (I pack ’em with lots of cardboard for stability). Internationally it gets tricky…the cheapest option would be for me to do a scan, and upload it to a print shop, and have them send a high-quality print to you, but if you’re not in the US and you want the original, we can discuss the specifics. It ain’t cheap, though 😦

If you are interested… You can leave me a comment here, and I can send you an email. Or you can contact me via Etsy. If you contact me through here and I email you, it’s possible for me to just send you a paypal invoice. When you contact me through Etsy, though, the rules on that site dictate that all payment/transactions discussed on Etsy have to be paid via Etsy (or I could lose my shop!), so please keep that in mind 😉

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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2 Responses to A Call for Commissions!

  1. You could do my pig with the thistle. Is that in the mix for commissions?

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