Tour de Fleece DAY ONE

I’m going to do my best to keep my promise to blog every day of the Tour (today– the 5th– to the 27th). So let’s get this started and see how it goes, shall we? 😀

First up, a project I’m calling ‘Broken Image’:

Broken Image 1 It’s spun from two parts– a braid of 50/50 alpaca/Tussah silk from a now-defunct Etsy shop, and a batt of huacaya alpaca/suri/bamboo/firestar/sw wool from one of my favorite fiber people, Chinchillas1957. I had put spinning this fiber off for a long time, as I was nervous about spinning alpaca, but after a good experience with llama fiber (more on that another day), I decided to dive in, and I’m pretty happy so far 🙂

Second, I started ‘Synergy’:

Synergy 1A BFL braid from another of my favorites…who is sadly a Ravelry exclusive, so no links for her 😦 I have quite a braids from her (several of which I had custom-dyed for the Tour 😉 ), so you’ll be seeing a lot from this dye artist this TDF 🙂

As for everything else…I have three or four projects I finished before the Tour to post about; I’m just waiting for them to dry so I can get final weights before I post 😉 I have Montadale, Llama, Tunis, and a special non-breed study Jacob project done…hopefully I’ll be posting about them soon 😉

How is your Tour going so far?

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