Tour de Fleece, Day Three, + Montadale, Llama, & the Jacob Project

The skeins are finally dry, so I can post pictures & final weights 😉

Let’s start with TDF, though.

Finished Synergy, my single-ply BFL yarn:

Synergy 3

Got started on the second half of the Broken Image singles:

Broken Image 3

I also finished plying two out of three of my Tunis samples, but those are currently drying 😛

Also… some finished breed studies 🙂

Fleecydex #80– Montadale


Delicioussssllly soft 🙂 I absolutely love Montadale! The lamb sample was like spinning clouds; the ewe wasn’t as soft, but was still pleasant. I would gladly spin this all the time :3

5 ounces of Lamb roving became 334 yards of two-ply Sport weight (split between two skeins).

2 ounces of Ewe roving became 80 yards of Sport weight.

Fleecydex #124– Llama


A fellow raveller in Canada actually sent me the samples for this as a gift; I found llama easy to spin (the inner.outer coat reminded me of a shinier Icelandic), and relatively soft (if a little hairy/prickly for me to wear near my face or hands). I like the colors 🙂

1.6 ounces became 42 yards of DK weight.

Finally…Underwater Caves is finally done 🙂

Underwater Caves

Total of 9.2 ounces/206 yards, with each skein being a little different (one is just Jacob, one is Jacob plied with merino/silk, and the biggest is Jacob plied with Shetland from a sheep named Peridot 🙂 ) It’s squishy, and fun, and I have no idea what to make of it ^.^”

Catch y’all tomorrow!

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