Tour de Fleece, Day Six

Still powering through the whole ‘post a blog every day’ thing, lol. Lots to go!

Since I plan on plying Broken Image this weekend (might as well bring the easiest projects– plying– to the party I’ll be attending), I started a new project today– this is Emerald Isle:

Emerald Isle 1

It’s a batt from Chinchillas1957 (of course!), and some perfectly matching alpaca my sister gave me…I think I only have an ounce of alpaca, and it’s spinning thicker than the batt, so I’ll probably have two coordinating skeins, once for the body of a hat, and one for the decorative edge…but this project has reminded me why I don’t love spinning straight alpaca. See, I love alpaca blends… alpaca with silk…alpaca with wool… but straight alpaca is so frustrating! It slips apart from itself but sticks all over me (my clothes, my fingers, my floor, my bed…) Thankfully I only have an ounce of it to work through right now ^.^” And it’s purdy, so…yeah. I’ll power through…

Tomorrow I should get a lot of spinning done 🙂

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