Tour de Fleece, Day Eleven

Today is technically a ‘rest day’, but I always ignore those/save the slot for when I actually need it…

Anyways, today I started yet another project. This is ‘Yukio’– 4 oz of BFL and 4 oz of Tussah Silk, custom dyed by one of my favorite dye artists in a color pallete to match one of the characters I’ve been writing comics about/drawing/obsessing over for six years… He’s one of my favorites, and I really hope the finished yarn conveys his ‘essence’…which I’m sure makes no sense to anybody but me 😛 He’s…well, he’s this moody character with a lot of baggage, and he tends not to fit the traditional story molds, which I guess is why I like him so much…

Anyways, right, the yarn:

Yukio 1

I’ve done about an ounce each so far of the BFL and of the Silk.

Also, I began plying Emerald Isle:

Emerald Isle Plying

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