Tour de Fleece, Day Fifteen

Today I focused in on a huge project I’ve been thinking about. See, I used to play a series of games called Harvest Moon. They were basically a farming simulation, although my method of choice for earning cash was to go mining. In my favorite of the series (‘Friends of Mineral Town’), there was a mine called the Lake Mine, where you would go mining for gem stones. Depending on the level, you could mine specific stones… so this project is to spin a series of batts and then ply them in a specific order to emulate the order the different stones are found in, and then crochet a shawl. Don’t really know why I want to do this… I just do.

So, without further ado, here’s my current progress on ‘Gem Mining’:

Gem Mining 3

This is a pretty extensive project– it includes three batts from Chinchillas1957 (the one already spun is 2.58 oz; the other two are 2.36 and 2.42), two batt sets from JMC Fiber Arts (the one on the bottom– the one I already started spinning– is 4 oz; the other is 3.3), a batt from Willow Glen Farms (1.6 oz), and a batt set from Fiber Fancy (3.7 oz). So a total of 19.96 ounces 0_0 A new record for a spinning project for me…my last ‘shawl skein’ project was only 12 ounces…

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