Tour de Fleece, Day Twenty-Three– Final Day Round-Up!

I love that the post for the final day happens to be post 60 on my blog… I don’t know, it’s just a fitting number somehow…

Time to round-up everything I did! First, today I finished Gem Mining–

Gem Mining FinalI still need to wash the skein, so it looks a little funky, but the spinning/plying is done, and it clocks in at 708 yards– my biggest yet!! Sure, it has a lot of joins– I spun each batt separately, joined them into a giant ply ball, plied until my spindle was full five times, and then re-joined into a giant skein to keep my color order– but you can only fit so much on a spindle (19.5 ounces is more than pushing it), and I’m pretty proud of this either way 🙂 ) It also has a ton of different fibers in it– Angora, Cormo, Merino, Polwarth, Alpaca, Shetland, Mulberry Silk, Firestar, Rambouillet, Faux Mohair, Faux Cashmere, Romney, Bamboo, Angelina, Camel… Seriously. Almost a little of everything, all things considered 😉 (just to be clear, those are not in the order of percentages, just the order I remembered them in ^.^”)

Now for everything else–

End Game 1During the Tour I finished:

  1. Cog– 182 yards of two-ply BFL
  2. Emerald Isle–150 + 56 yards of two-ply Alpaca, Camel, Merino, Rambo X, and Silk, all wonderfully soft ❤
  3. Synergy– unknown yardage, since I didn’t skein it… probably around 400 yards of single-ply BFL
  4. Broken Image– 208 yards of two-ply Alpaca, Silk, Bamboo, Firestar, and Superwash Wool
  5. There were also two unfinished projects– you might remember Yukio (Day Eleven) and Ember (Day Ten). They will be finished in August, most likely.

So, yeah, a lot has been completed 🙂 I have already sent in my photos and totals to the leaders of my different teams; within a few days I should know if I won anything (I’ll let you know lol). Now I just must survive the last few days of my current job, after which a bunch of stuff will be changing very quickly (more on that in a future post!)

Catch y’all later! 😀

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