Lions, Tigers….and Llanwenog, Coopworth, and Tunis

Last Thursday I went to the zoo :3 I hadn’t been since seventh grade, so…yeah. A long while, that. York’s Wild Kingdom is kind of lame as far as zoos go, and was wicked busy with tourists…but still, I snapped some pics :3

Zoo Collage 1We started at the Butterfly Kingdom and worked our way around.

Zoo Collage 2I like baby goats… :3 So cute!

RewaOf course, some pictures of Rewa (not sure how to spell that…), the white Bengal in all their advertising. She isn’t actually kept with the orange one (I don’t actually know their genders; if they’re the same, maybe it’s because of this). Sadly the photos aren’t the best because a.) she was behind double-layered fence (for our protection, but still…), and b.) because the tourists were rude and kept shoving me out of the way, so I ended up standing back a few feet and shooting photos over their heads.

Zoo Collage 3…and then we went to a candy shop by the beach and had fudge. That is all :3

Meanwhile…I’ve finally gotten some Fleecydex entries done 🙂

#56: Llanwenog


Such a fun spin! I have two samples of this one from the same seller (long story); the top one I washed myself (which I’m bad at… the wool was not actually cream colored; I didn’t manage to get all the dirt out in the fleece stage…came out during the final wash and dye job, though). The second was sent scoured. They aren’t particularly soft, but Llanwenog is bouncy and springy…I dyed them to make a small stuffed toy :3

3 ounces became 92 yards of aran weight (with some floofy parts…I loved the texture this gave when I loosened my drafting!)

2.2 ounces became 50 yards of aran weight (same deal 😉

#60: American Tunis

American Tunis

I didn’t find Tunis particularly pleasant– as I’m sure you’ve all realized by now, I prefer my wool soft, and Tunis just isn’t, so at some points I got a little lazy just to try to get through it faster -_-” Still, I finished the job. I had three samples for this one– a medium-soft roving that wasn’t terrible, a super-rough-at-first roving that I think just used weird scouring soaps or something, because now it’s tolerable…and a bag of raw crossbred (TunisxCorriedale) locks from a ram lamb named Ramon…that I had a devil of a time getting the grease out of (even after 8 washes I’m not totally happy, but I didn’t want to felt my hard work >_<). Tunis, despite it’s texture (which was relatively constant– at best it’s medium-soft, at worst it’s like sandpaper), spun up pretty easily. I love the feel of the crossbred…it’s not as soft as pure Corriedale, but it feels like it has some strength to it, and it’s still pleasant. Maybe some Tunis out there are truly soft…or maybe I should stick with the crossbreds. For items that would take a lot of use (rugs, maybe? Or bags?), I’m sure Tunis would be useful.

2.4 ounces of roving became 92 yards of DK weight.

1.8 ounces of roving became 30 yards of bulky weight.

4 ounces of raw locks became 2.6 ounces washed/50 yards of Worsted weight.

#68: Coopworth


I. Love. Coopworth. All Coopworth. And all Coopworth is unique :3 I have four samples here– one roving, two sets of locks (one of which I washed myself), and a handful of crossbred (Kramer!) fleece I spun up artsy just for the sake of it. There’s a huge range of variation– the roving had a lot of lustre, but wasn’t super-soft or silky. The first set of locks (the ones I washed) has quite a bit of lustre, too, and is a little silky (though still not a viable option for next-to-skin). Second set of locks– quite a bit less lustre, but the wool was fuzzier, fluffier– it’s pleasant. Finally, Kramer (50% Coopworth, 25% Border Leicester, 25% Corriedale) is quite certainly soft enough for next to skin, with medium lustre, and a lot of the same fluffiness as that second lock sample.

No matter which type of Coopworth (or crossbred!) you end up with, Coopworth is fun and easy to spin. It makes for great art yarns, and the lustre makes for beatiful yarn. I’d love to use it for some kind of art/display piece, what with the way the light shines on the yarn… I love it. And the softer examples would make some amazing garments!

3 ounces of roving made 102 yards of DK weight.

1.8 ounces of locks made 50 yards of DK weight.

1.4 ounces of locks made 32 ounces of Aran weight (it’s puffy and cloud-like! So different from other longwools!)

1 oz/single handful of washed & combed fleece made 12 yards of super-bulky art yarn.


So that’s what I have for now. Coming soon….I’ve been washing up some fleece I imported from the UK, plus I’m in the process of a huge Shetland-based project involving Vikings. I’ll keep y’all posted 🙂


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