Four Bags Full.

Funny how word gets around that a girl be crafty, no? 😉

This week a friend of my grandparents’ dropped off three bags full (!) of yarn for me. The yarn itself came from an elderly woman she cleans for; most is old, most is unlabelled & caked, some shows tell-tale signs of possible moth damage (and thus will be skeined up and carefully boiled, just in case). I was told there’s a large potential for more yarn, so I’ll get my dye stuff ready and make the whole boiling process worth it 😉

three bags

Meanwhile, my mother, who is a dyed-in-the-wool thrifter, just as I am, has been holding on to a bag of luxe yarns she picked up in the thrifts. These show no signs of moth damage, and have their tags (for the most part), so I have few worries 🙂 I’ll keep them locked up separately from the other three bags…(actually, to start, those three bags are going in the front seat of my grandmother’s car tomorrow to ‘cook’ in the sun while I’m working, since I won’t get to boil them for at least a week and I want to take extra precautions).

one bag

FINALLY, one of my (and my grandmother’s) friends (an avid crafter/artist in a similar vein as I) found out I wanted to learn to weave, so today she gave me this:

Little Loom

It’ll be a learning process 🙂 She says she has a couple more small looms to give me, as well as possibly some yarn, and maybe even an alpaca fleece!

The artsy community is so close-knit/crocheted/woven, ain’t it? One of the best parts of my ‘job’ 🙂

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6 Responses to Four Bags Full.

  1. Wow thats a lot of yarn. I call that yarn! I was just at Joanns this morning and bought a few skeins of soft colorful yarn. I could seriously buy every color. 🙂

    I didn’t know you can boil yarn. Can you explain that process if you can?

    • When I boil yarn, I follow the same process I use for dyework, just without the dye. I use a glass dish with a lid, and use just enough water to soak and cover the skein (so as to limit movement…too much movement/agitation could felt my yarn). Then I microwave the yarn for about 12 minutes 🙂 I guess I could use the stove top (a simmer instead of a boil), too, but this way is the easiest/cleanest. Dye work is the same…I just pour the dye in before starting the microwave, of course 🙂

      I don’t recomend boiling acrylic or cotton, though (no need, anyways– you can bag them in zippered lingerie bags and run them through the washing machine on cold if they are dirty)

  2. Mrs. Kane says:

    Hi Rebecca — So fun to see what you are doing!

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