Pretty Yarn Thing.

You know you have issues when you have to bargain with yourself just to get things done. I had planned today to be a catch-up day, finishing various tasks unrelated to spinning. Instead I found myself arguing with myself because I really, really, really wanted to play around with the ideas in my new book.

“‘C’mon, just five minutes!”

All you’ve done is procrastinate all morning. No you cannot spin yarn. Finish that stupid pile of hats, will ya?”

“There. I finished one. Can I spin now?”


‘I shipped my Etsy orders. How about now?”

…And that’s about when I caved to myself. (Pathetic.)

So then I had to go rustle through my fiber stash, and find a spindle that’s not already tied to one of my large number of unfinished projects (because I want to try something new, dagnabbit!) And then got frustrated because apparently I’ve only been buying wool for my breed study lately and I don’t have anything suitable for experimenting (and ordering stuff would be pointless because I want to spin, you know, now.) So instead I had to work on an already started project, and continue to pine for something new… -_-”

But, as I paged through that new book, I realized I could alter a couple projects to meet the standards of what I wanted to try. I’d dyed up 8 oz of Aussie wool I won in the Tour de Fleece in various pinks & plums; I’d been using it to make a (poor) attempt at n-ply on the fly (seriously over-plied). But running it through my ball winder after completion allowed me to pull it into an Andean ply ball, which, when plied clockwise, created a chain ply– my first! I’m relatively proud of that…(picture is of unwashed skein…should pretty up after a hot soak)

Chain-Plied Hikaru(For those who don’t know what chain-plied means, it’s a way of constructing yarn so the strand literally looks like chain links. In my case, I spun the singles clockwise, Navajo-plied counterclockwise, and Andean-plied clockwise)

I also turned my attention to a mohair project. It’s already sufficiently artsy for my current needs– mohair locks spun into rough, thick-and-thin singles, then plied with silver thread. The result is soft, delicate, feminine… pretty much everything I avoid, but I think it’s beautiful. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the singles for the second skein.

Thread Plied Hikaru

So, yeah, all things considered, I did manage to find the creative release I was after.

I really need to get out more -_-”

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