Little Luxuries.

I’m not sure how many of you check my Fleecydex Completion List, but I’m getting really close to tracking down all the breeds! So close, in fact, that very soon I’ll have to focus on spinning rather than spending 😉

Anyway, today as I was shopping for the ‘perfect’ coffee (I’m ridiculously picky– it has to smell just right and taste perfect– not bitter– but still be strong enough to pull me through a twelve-hour shift at my bakery job), I started mentally going through my list of what breeds I have left, of how much, exactly, I’ll be spending on this project. And after settling on a brand that seems to meet my needs exactly (Tandem Coffee, in case anyone is curious– they all smell fab, and the one I’m drinking right now is buttery and smooth, and not bitter at all), I sort of laughed to myself at my new definition of ‘luxury fibers.’ See, most people would consider cashmere a luxury fiber. Cashmere itself, technically speaking, isn’t rare– many breeds of goat produce a cashmere undercoat, and the price is only due to the ridiculously annoying process of de-hairing (removing the rough guard hairs and leaving only the soft down). But cashmere is only about $12-$15 an ounce– barely on the middle of the scale of what I’m going to have to track down 🙂

So just for fun, I thought I’d go through a who’s-who of the crazy-luxury breeds I’m going to have to track down. You’ll notice, for the most part, they are not sheep breeds– wool is usually pretty affordable (to me, at least– to put it in perspective, my coffee is $1.25 an ounce, while most wool is at least $2 an ounce raw, and can range up to…well, you’ll see; it’ll be on the list 😉 )

So here’s the list! (all prices are taken from a quick Etsy browse. I can’t guarantee they won’t change within minutes of me posting this, although I really hope they won’t!…I also can’t really tell if they’re industry standard or not lol)

Price is per ounce:

Suri Alpaca (Locks) Approx. $3
Mulberry Silk (Top) Approx. $3
Tussah Silk (Top) Approx. $3.50
Camel (Down) Approx. $4
Yak (Down) Approx. $6
Bison (Dehaired) Approx. $6 to $20 (???)
Pygora (Locks) Approx. $6 to $12
Cashgora (Locks) Approx. $7
Eri Silk (Top) Approx. $7
Chinchilla (Noil) Approx. $8
Wolf (Down) Approx. $9
Muga Silk (Top) Approx. $10
Cashmere (Down) Approx. $12 to $15
Possum (Loose Cloud) Approx. $12
Wallaby (Loose Cloud) Approx. $12
Mink (Loose Cloud) Approx. $14 to $18
Sharlea-Grade Saxon Merino (Raw Locks) Approx. $19 to $48 (???)
Qiviut (Down) Approx. $25 to $30
Guanaco (Down) Approx. $40
Vicuna (Down) …there weren’t many examples. $168 an ounce.
Paco-Vicuna (Top) Only one seller. $250 an ounce!!!

So, yeah… when people comment to me that my taste in coffee is ‘too expensive’, or that they think the price of cashmere is ‘outrageous’…I laugh a little (especially since I buy used cashmere sweaters at Goodwill for $2.50 and take them apart for a couple POUNDS of cashmere yarn… if only I could find a Vicuna sweater…lol). ‘Outrageous’ would be buying enough Vicuna or Guanaco for a worsted-weight sweater…a conservative estimate for a Womens’ size small worsted Vicuna sweater would be $8400  (2500 yards at 2 oz per 100 yards)…on second thought, if I ever find that Vicuna sweater, I’m auctioning it off on Rav and buying my dream car ^.^”

Now to finish my coffee… it’s finally drinking temperature 😉

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