9-Ply Hawsers and Other Improbabilities.

Right now it’s pretty improbable that I’ll get to go to Fryeburg this year, which is somewhat depressing, as I generally go every year, and they have a killer fiber barn (local fleece!). I mean, I’m still planning on going to the fiber festival again… but I was really hoping to swing both again ^.^”

Anyways, today I went to the Rochester Fair, which I guess was an okay consolation prize. No fleece sales or anything, but they had a pretty large collection of animals to look at, and the admission was free today, so…yeah…not a terrible substitute, I guess. As always I took pictures only of the animals (little else is interesting for me, generally); I arranged them in an order of sorts…

Rochester 1Oddly enough, I’m not big on cows (they slobber and make a lot of noise…like big dogs without the sharp teeth…except they can crush you >_<)  They do have surprisingly soft fur, though…

Rochester 2That funky chicken at the bottom cracks me up ^.^” The alpaca  were, as usual, standoffish and shy… Their nature, I suppose.

Rochester 3There weren’t really signs anywhere saying what sheep was which breed, but only generalized signs (‘in this barn there are Romney, Hampshire, Shropshire, etc, etc…’)

The brown one was so soft, though….

Rochester 4….and I’m pretty sure that noble-looking one is a Cheviot (and the red-heads are Tunis 🙂 )

Other than looking at the animals I…bought junk food and a small, fluffy statue of an alpaca made of cria fleece. So soft ❤


Right. Hawser. It’s a spinning/plying technique. See, most of my yarns are two-ply, with the singles spun clockwise and the plying done counterclockwise. I mentioned a chain-plied yarn recently– that’s clockwise, then over-plied counterclockwise, then plied a second time clockwise. But a hawser– when I do it– is clockwise, then up-plied clockwise, then spun counterclockwise. Technically they are supposed to be done in even units– units of two plies, generally ending with a four-ply yarn. I decided to cheat and use the technique (combined with Navajo-plying) to create a ‘9-ply Hawser’…

Such a bad idea…

Thread-Plied, Chain-Plied, and 9-Ply HawserThis picture shows the hawser at the bottom (coincidently, above it is the chain ply, plus both finished skeins of thread-plied mohair). It is a.) ridiculously thick, which I expected, and b.) rough as rope, which I found disappointing (I was hoping for a little more loftiness). The fiber used was a blend of different wools, some alpaca…scraps, really, most relatively soft (not quite Merino, but they ain’t like Tunis, either…Targhee, maybe). I guess I shouldn’t have expected much else…but still, I wasted eight hours of my life dyeing, carding, and spinning…for nine yards of rope. It is quite unlikely I’ll repeat that experiment -_-”

So… what shall I try next? 😀

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