¿Cómo se llama?

como se llama

One of my fave t-shirts; I pride myself on finding funny t-shirts to wear to work, but this one takes the cake… a pity so few know even a sentence of Spanish, though. Old people are always giving me dirty looks, like they think it’s a naughty joke or something.

It’s…been a difficult couple of weeks. I finished up a long-standing blanket swap, finally. I also realized quite suddenly just how broke I am this month and started panicking, and when I panic… I obsessively make hats 😛

Hats 2014I made up all of those patterns– hats are the one thing I can make in my sleep, and I’m constantly playing with new stitches and such. I’m hoping to list ’em all in my Etsy later this week…maybe they’ll sell before the fiber festival ^.^” (Slightly off-topic– 20% off all items but origami in the shop this month with the code, cider14 thankyouverymuch 😉 )

Anyways…still spinning Romney/Kent 😛 Should be done soon! Just 1/2 ounce more, and then plying, which goes fast…

Also coming soon to a blog near you:

  • 3D-printed spindles
  • Writing down patterns?
  • Watercolors!
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of wool 😉

Catch y’all later 😉

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