Never Enough.

(Coming soon– finished Romney/Kent, Ryeland, Norfolk Horn, and Beulah Speckled Face…the skeins still have to dry, though.)

You know what I was into before wool? I don’t mean art-wise– I think y’all have realized by now just how long I’ve been drawing (and for those who haven’t…eight years thus far)– but in terms of collecting. Right now I’ve funneled that interest into gathering different wools, but I’ve always had this…eh… ‘need’ for the thrill of the hunt. Sounds stupid when I write it out that way, but I love a challenge, and tracking down rare items just for the fun of it fills that desire pretty well.

Before wool, I gathered Kawaii, with an emphasis on Japanese and Korean stickers. And sometimes when I’m bored I fall back into that, trawling through the annals of Etsy and Ebay searching for this one particular sheet of stickers that continues to elude me, even after four years of searching. The past few days, bored with wool-hunting (I’ve found almost all of them by this point, so there isn’t much left to hunt for), I started searching again…got a little farther this time, but not much.

Once upon a time I found a sheet with an art style identical to this. The brand and such was all in Korean, so I had (and still have) no idea how to get more. Yesterday I found this picture on an obscure Tumblr, and reference to the artist Enakei. None of that, though, has brought me any closer to being able to buy these stickers 😛 I ended up sending out emails to a bunch of my favorite international sticker shops. So far the replies haven’t been positive, but hope springs eternal, I guess. Maybe this time I’ll ‘win’.

In the meantime I created an entire new wishlist of stickers and such that I want to buy in the future, and fell in love with a Korean cafe that I’ll never get to visit, but wish I could >_< Dang Korean blogs…so much cute I’ll never get to see in person! I also downloaded an app to my phone to try and learn some basic Korean… not sure how that will ever benefit me, but I see no reason not to try…

Letsee….what else have I done recently but forgotten to blog about…?

OH! I finished the yarn for my Viking Boots!

033_medium2Two balls of (mostly) Shetland (double-coated), with a touch of grey Icelandic that will show up at the top of the boots (the pattern is bottom-up). I spun ‘rustic’ singles and then wound them together, but didn’t ply them (I’m hoping for a specific result). Hopefully I spun enough yarn for the project!

…alright…back to spinning…

Catch y’all later!

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