draftedConfession: I don’t spin ‘normal’. It’s why I don’t spin in public. It’s why I crop my progress photos so carefully. And it’s why I refuse to teach other people to spin ^.^”

See, when I first started spinning, I tried the ‘normal’ way, drafting as the spindle spun. But I just can’t do that, and it has nothing to do with coordination or lack of practice; I physically cannot spin normal. I’ve had messed-up joints for as long as I remember; they slide in and out of place at the drop of the hat. I can be walking down a flight of stairs and my hip or knee will make an audible *pop* and if I’m not hanging on to the bannister, I may fall. My ankles click with every step; they don’t even hurt, really (although the knees and hips do…quite badly, actually). But my hands… when I tried to spin normal, my fingers popped in and out with each attempted draft, and it hurt in a way I find difficult to describe. But I wanted to spin, so I improvised, and now I pre-draft everything but the absolute shortest staple lengths (which I carefully– and extremely slowly, over a long span of time– spin the ‘normal’ way). I didn’t realize until later that that was such a universally hated method among the spinning community until I started getting semi-good at it. Apparently I’m not a ‘real’ spinner.

Sue me, then.

Have some cows while you’re at it. (My sister took some pictures at a fair and sent them to me. Farm animals… šŸ™‚ )

CowsAs far as I’m concerned, if I’m making yarn, then I’m a real spinner. I’m not suggesting everyone spins the same way I do (it’s not very efficient), but I see no point in being a jerk to people who spin ‘different’, either.

Just my four cents.

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2 Responses to Drafted.

  1. empress27 says:

    Everybody spins differently, as long as it works for you, then don’t worry about it! Most people don’t know how to spin so wouldn’t know if you were doing it ‘wrong’ or not. Keep going with your awesome spinning! šŸ˜€
    PS (My ankles click like crazy going downstairs too – it’s stupidly loud!)

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ I guess it’s just something I’m a little sensitive about, lol

      LOL ankles make a funny noise, don’t they? Thankfully it doesn’t hurt, but it makes it very difficult to tiptoe around at night without waking people šŸ˜‰

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