Romney (and Kent), Ryeland, Beulah Speckled Face, Norfolk Horn…and More Sheep Sketches :D

I have had a pretty rough past few days -_-” To start with, I haven’t been sleeping super-well…so Thursday night I barely slept at. all. and then I woke up Friday exhausted and of course my ride arrived before I could chug my coffee. When I ran out to grab my coat and bags, my stepmother (helpfully) poured my coffee into a travel mug for me and off I went. I ended up trapped in the middle of a back row in a small car with not enough cup holders; I got out for a couple minutes, got back in…my entire coffee dumped inside my shoulder bag, leaving me with scores of soaked sorta-essentials and two inches of coffee in the bottom of my bag. My phone was fine, most of my stuff was wet but survived, the case for my watercolor pencils got ruined, though, and I had to run a bunch of stuff through the wash (ignoring the fact that all of my stuff had to sit in that back car window the rest of the morning to dry off). Saturday…part of a holiday weekend; I had to work (I work at an ‘artisan bakery’, whatever that means)…we did $21 a minute in sales, so crazy exhausting on-my-feet-all-day-interacting-with-rude-tourists-I-hate-my-job kind of day. Sunday was okay. Monday was just like Saturday…maybe worse. And then Tuesday we were supposed to be slow but weren’t and we sold out of almost everything so I had to deal with irate, grumpy customers. Again.

But thankfully that’s all over and I can focus on wool for a couple days now (yay for having three days in a row off!!) I have some breed studies to post 🙂

But before that… I have some sheep portraiture to catch up on 😉


Montadale and LlamaLlama and Montadale

And then–

Llanwenog, Coopworth, and TunisLlanwenog, Coopworth, and Tunis.

And finally–

Rambouillet, Icelandic, and ShetlandRambouillet, Icelandic, and Shetland…aka my Viking project that isn’t done yet 😉

Now, then… on to the newly finished breeds! (With portraits of them to be posted within the next couple of days…I need to finish them :P)

Fleecydex #26: Romney and Kent

Romney and KentMany references claim that Romney is the softest longwool, but until recently I did not believe them! Most Romney I’ve encountered in the US has been rough, awful stuff, with little shine to make up for it. Where was that crimp everyone kept talking about?? Then I received some fleece from the UK; HUGE difference! This fleece was crimpy, and soft, with gorgeous little locks that washed well and spun beautifully from just a handful, with little prep– not at all like the US Romney I was used to! Similarly, Kent was about as different from my local Romney as Cheviot is from BFL– the lock structure was disorganized and more in clumps or clouds. (For those curious, they are technically the same breed. The Romney came from the marshy area of Kent, England, from local sheep crossed with Leicester. Local shepherds still refer to them as Kent…while around the world they are referred to as Romney. Local Kent do have different characteristics than the now-world-renowned Romney, though.)

.8 ounces of (white) US Romney roving became 32 yards of DK-ish two-ply. (Super shiny, but rough and unpleasant)

100g (? I think she’s sending me extra) raw UK Romney became 3 ounces/122 yards of hand-dyed worsted-ish two-ply (love this yarn! So shiny~~<3)

100g (?) of raw Kent became 2.4 ounces/74 yards of super-fluffy worsted-ish two-ply.

Long story short…source your Romney from either the UK, or fantastic US shepherds you search out yourself (so you know what you’re getting!)

Fleecydex #52: Beulah Speckled Face

Beulah Speckled FaceSuper-easy spin, but I find the wool a bit rough (I’d say medium-to-low softness level). Mid-level luster. Kind of an average wool all around; easy to spin, though.

50g (?) became 3 ounces/102 yards of worsted-ish two-ply. (Okay. Clearly my wool-friend is sending me more than I paid for ^.^” 50g raw does not become 3 ounces clean and carded).

Fleecydex #82: Norfolk Horn

Norfolk HornOHMYGOODNESSCRIMP!!! That’s basicallt all you have to know about this breed! CRIMP!!! So wonderful ❤ It’s springy, and stretchy, and I chose to spin it artsy rather than card it to emphasize that glorious crimp (in the lumps and such you can still see the lock structure); if I ever spin this breed again, though, I’ll card it smooth and spin a nice, fine yarn… and then navajo-ply…and have an amazingly springy three-ply :3

100g (?) raw became 3.4 ounces/72 yards of bulky two-ply fun 😀

Last but not least…

Fleecydex #90: Ryeland

RyelandOkay, okay, yes, another messy spin ^.^” I’m doing a bunch of them because I want to crochet an army a bunch of little sheep plushies, and fluffy yarns just seem so right for that… anyways. Ryeland has a super-short staple length, but spins pretty easily from the handful. Medium-soft. I’ve also been told it’s incredibly difficult to felt, so if anyone out there is good at spinning fine from short fibers and wants to spin naturally-colored sock yarn (they come in white, too, but colored ones are just so cute…)…this may be your wool.

3.8 ounces of clean but unprocessed wool became 3.4 ounces/84 yards of squishy bulky. Fun!

Well, that’s all the ones I have done right now. I’ll finish the portraits soon. In the meantime, have some fluff-imals:

FluffimalsHave a good night, guys 🙂

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