That time of year.

It’s… you know… that time. That time when the threat of freezing to death causes me to start way too many projects at once, all with the promise of someday bringing warmth. Every year my WIP-stack grows to new heights, and I can’t say I’m all too good at working it down again… anyways…

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks 🙂 I’m having a little bit of shoulder trouble again, so I haven’t gotten as many batts done as I had hoped, but many other projects have been *ahem* started with the best of intentions…

First off, I always have some personal spinning project going; in this case I’m referring to it as ‘product research’ so I can see how other people blended their batts, but honestly I just love the way they handle color changes, and I’ve worked with batts from these sellers often enough to know how they’re merchandise works up ^.^”

not all the way there PROGThe pink one was made to look like the Cheshire Cat from the old Disney animation, while the greens were in forest-esque colorways. They’re all set up to ply now (I have this massive idea in mind, but I don’t know how to explain it… once I’m further along, I’ll be able to lead you through with pictures, but until then I have to leave you without any details).

Next comes the crochet projects… I have a few blankets I’m piecing together right now that I’ve been working on for about a year; they’re a mess at the moment (partially pieced and such), so I’ll post those once they’re done. One should be big enough for my bed, while the other will be more of a lap blanket 🙂

…remember all that wool I bought for the viking cloak before I realized a super-heavy wool costume was not a good choice for a comic book convention? Well, it’s just been sitting around, and it’s more than I could handle spinning, so I took half and decided to try to knit with it. Arm-knit, specifically. Into a squishy ‘mattress pad’ of sorts that I’m hoping will compress and felt as I use it:

arm knittingIt’s ugly, but so comfortable and warm… I’m happy 🙂

The next couple of projects have a story with them. See, I’ve had this shawl in my mind for a long time; I found a knitting pattern that I love but it is sososososososooooo far out of my skill set that I can’t even imagine the time it would take me to learn enough to make it ^.^” So I decided to write my own pattern for a crocheted facsimile as soon as I found the proper yarn, and I made a mental note to start searching the next time I entered a yarn shop. Queue forward to this past Sunday, my winter bonus in hand, and me touching and examining every. skein. in the local shop. It’s not a huge shop, but it ain’t tiny, either; it’s about the same size as the upper floor of my house, with four-ish rooms (but no doors, hence the ‘-ish’…it’s vaguely open-concept, but not quite). As I was browsing I noticed something shiny behind the counter, and here is where I should stop and give a tiny bit of background; I barely knit. I can ‘knit’ correctly 75% of the time; if I have to purl, all bets are off; I find knitting slow and frustrating, so I mostly crochet. But I love the look of knit fabric, and the sound and feel of metal needles, and I especially love knitting in a circle (Mindless! Non-stressful! Easy!). So when I saw those size 19 Addi Turbos  with a 24” cable, I knew I was in love ❤ But I was there with a purpose, and I knew Addis were pricey, so I focused on finding the right yarn. I finally settled on these:

WotR yarn choice…which actually put me below the budget I’d set for that trip.

So I go up to the counter and try to ignore the needles (so shiny!), and when she gives me my total, I hand her the cash I’d been given as my bonus.

“Oh. I’m not sure I have the change for that–“

“What if I add in those super-big Addi Turbos?” I ask, barely waiting for her to finish her sentence. She made this odd face as she took them off the wall;

“Be prepared for a super-big price tag.”

“How big?” I mumbled, feeling just slightlllyyy nervous.

Letsee… $30…”

“I’ll take them.” (They just happened to bring me exactly up to my set budget!)

Once again she gave me this weird look.

“So money is no issue for you?”

…that’s when I realized that the look was the same one I so often get at fiber festivals, and, once again, I’d been mistaken for someone in her mid-teens, even though I’m in my early twenties. And she thought I had an allowance or something. (Further into our conversation she sort of realized her mistake and she started asking me what I do for work, so it all came out alright.)

I bought those needles 😀 When I got home, I used them to knit strips of silk I had cut from a couple of damaged blouses.

new magic 1After which, I actually read the rest of the package and found this:

needles warning…which gave me a good laugh 😉 Apparently I’m a trained professional!

Now back to that crocheted shawl I was planning. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to do it, so I bought a crochet stitch dictionary and broke out the sketch book and some scrap yarn and came up with a.) a workable idea and b.) a prototype of how the stitches would line up and c.) a written out pattern, even, although I’m not posting that part just yet 😉

Wrath of the Raven ROUGH DRAFT(The final shawl will not be circular, but will be a half-circle. I made the sample a full circle so I could figure out how many ‘arms’ I would need for a full-, 3/4-, and half-circle. The final shawl will have five ‘arms’.)

Now as for today… normally, I can’t do much crafting at work, but we’re in the middle of this massive rain storm right now (with some ice and wind added in for good measure), and we were so.slow., so I did some work on a sampler scarf. This is over the course of ssix hours:

sampler scarfI’m switching stitches every time I get bored. It’s good practice.

…I guess I should get ready for bed. One more row and then I’ll sleep 😉

new magic 2G’night!

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9 Responses to That time of year.

  1. Love the silky thing and your practice blue and white scarf. Could totally see me walking to the bus stop wearing that. . . (Hint, hint!)

  2. Also; I’ve never been mistaken for a child with an allowance!

    • I really don’t get it. I was in formal clothes, and my wool dress coat, and tights and dress shoes… and she totally treated me like a kid! At least she didn’t stare at me to see if I was stealing, like that rude shopkeeper in Woodstock (the tiny shop near the Unicorn Shop, remember?)

      • Yes, I remember. I suspect she was watching because we were dressed up, cause again, she didn’t watch me. . . Also, it’s cause I act confident and like a normal girl whereas you act small and shy. And I have a mature face. 😋

        Can I use your shawl pattern, or is it something too advanced pour moi?

      • Can you complete fpdc, bpdc, dc, dc2tog, and shell stitch?

        And no, seeing how she snapped at as every time we *touched* anything…I’m pretty sure she was suspicious of both of us.

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