All in a Month (or Three)’s Work

All in a Month's WorkFinally finished plying up a bunch of WIPs today. They’re hanging to dry now; once they’re dry, expect to see the fleecydex post for Beltex, Charollais, Dorset Down, and Cultivated Silk (in Top form). Plus the finishing up of the Yukio project. Yep.

Oh. Also finished plying up the first of the Viking yarns– I turned what was going to be yarn for boots into a chunky four-ply instead.

Shetland 4-PlyWhich I’ve already started crocheting into, you know, something…

Starting Something ShetlandJust not sure what it is yet.

Also finished up that special project I mentioned:

Piece de Resistance440 yards of brightly-colored, very soft yarn that shifts from green + random to green + pink to plain old pink. It’ll be fun once crocheted up 🙂

The batt stash is starting to build up:

Batts in the BellfryThe ones shown here are mostly wool from Daisy plus some mohair I had left from my first Festival. And maybe some alpaca from Jessica (depends on the individual batt).

Lastly…. yes I did win some fleeces. I washed them this afternoon; they should be really pretty once dry 🙂 I’m still deciding whether or not these are sellers worth buying from (I need to start establishing a list of good suppliers for wool for batts, as I can’t always depend on the randomness of Festival shopping); I guess I’ll do a proper write-up once they’re dry, too.

G’night, y’all! See you next year!

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2 Responses to All in a Month (or Three)’s Work

  1. I cannot believe you staye dip late just to say see you next year. That’s so very third grade of yOu.

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