Dorset Down, Charollais, Cultivated Silk Top, Beltex, and Yukio :)

Finalllllly ready to post all these! Let’s get ’em done 😉

Fleecydex #13: Dorset Down

Dorset DownI very much liked this one 🙂 It was a bit silky and longwool-like, wavy, a tiny bit curly… Basically, everything I like 🙂 It was soft enough for me, but for others it might not be.

The final skein weighed in at 3 ounces and is 72 yards.

Fleecydex #64: Charollais

Charollais…but I didn’t like this one. I found it impossible to get all the lanolin out. Texture-wise, it reminded me of the feel of Ramon’s fleece, but that just might be the ever-present lanolin… It was a difficult spin and kept falling apart.

The final skein weighs 1.8 ounces and is 30 yards.

Fleecydex #117A: Cultivated Silk (Top)

Cultivated Silk TopSo far as I know, there are two or three wild types of silk, and then there’s raised silk… which has about ten or so different preps. I want to try them all, so you’ll see them listed as A, B, C, etc… Here’s cultivated top 🙂

I actually find silk super-easy to spin; I enjoy it. I find I have to give it more twist to get a good plied yarn, but useable single-ply yarn is easy to create… I do have trouble spinning thicker, though; I kept getting lacy singles when I wanted something thicker (I tried to do one thin and one thick, with questionable results).

The top skein is one ounce and 46 yards, while the lower is one ounce and 72 yards.

Fleecydex #B11: Beltex

BeltexAh, yes, another from the B-List. This one was interesting to spin, kind of fluffy… quite a bit like actual Texel, honestly. I do not consider it next-to-skin soft.

3 ounces became 60 yards.

What else… oh. I know 🙂

The Making of Yukio

First off… the Yukio project– a lot went into it; I started during TDF. I even carded the last of the BFL with some of the Emsket Shetland to darken up the yarn; I thought the first skein was too pale.

YukioThe uppermost skein was the TDF skein and is BFL plied with Silk (214 yards). The second is that batt I created with the Yukio BFL carded with the Emsket Shetland plied with more of the Silk (130 yards). The third is the leftover singles from the batt plied on itself (62 yards). And the last is the leftovers of the silk plied on itself; they really needed more twist to ply well, but I tried (62 yards). So, yeah, IT’S FINALLY DONE 😀

What else… ummm… the batt project (that is, my goal to sell batts made from hand-processed fibers from small American farms) is hitting a slight hitch right now. But I did test-spin one of the batts I made:

Testing the MerchAnd finally, I re-organized all my yarns and pulled out all the ones I thought would be great for hats, since I seem to be stuck in ‘hat mode’, so…

Hat FactoryWelcome to the hat factory! 🙂

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2 Responses to Dorset Down, Charollais, Cultivated Silk Top, Beltex, and Yukio :)

  1. What happened with your batt plan? What hitch?

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