Exploratory Ventures

I’ve been quite remiss in posting, haven’t I? 😦 I’ll admit, I have a lot on my mind. I’m in the middle of moving, and while I do have a lot going on to post about, actually getting around to taking photographs and all that… well, it doesn’t happen. Once I’m all moved in, my posts should become more regular again. Still, I have the time and the photographs right now, so I might as well do a catch-up post πŸ™‚

Letsee… well, it’s been a productive season for me thus far.

Dyeing for SpringEaster season brought back the egg dye tablets, of course, and I finally had the chance to buy them in bulk. I love the colors I’m getting! Such a nice mix of jewel-tones and brights… some of these have since been spun up.
I’ve also been doing a huge amount of exploring– trying out new shops and cafes, playing around with new ideas– I was out buying new furniture recently and kept running across vintage sewing machines.

Restore MachinesThese are just a couple; you know they are a weakness of mine! Anyways, this once again put me in mind of sewing. I’ve absentmindedly put together a nice little collection of fabric for me to sew into a quilt for myself, once I get the time and a working machine (someone may be helping me fix one of my machines next week πŸ™‚ )

Quilt-To-BeThe women at the quilt shop think I’m strange, but hey, it’s all very me. I can so see these as a nice little quilt to curl up with during the winter (with a spindle in hand, of course!).

Along with picking out furniture in shops, I also stumbled across a really fun piece for free.

LockerThe neighbor across the street was clearing out, so after a good hour or so of cleaning I ended up with a very nice, pretty much free, adult locker πŸ™‚ Not gonna lie, the best part is I can stick magnets on it… and it fits all my art supplies πŸ™‚

I’ve also fallen down a whole new rabbit hole. Started innocently enough…

Something NewI’ve always kept a few succulents. I didn’t have much of a windowsill at my old place, though, and the sealing around the window wasn’t the best (my room got a bit chilly for desert plants!), so they’d been living in my sister’s room. Now, though, I have this really big bay window. It’s north-west facing, so the lighting isn’t perfect, but it’s adequate… with that in mind I started picking plants and researching everything I could think of– hydroponics, terrariums, vivariums, paludariums, refugiums, aquascaping, wabi-kusa, riparium, farming, composting, raised beds, keyhole gardening, growing from seeds– honestly, if I could think of it, I looked into it. (I considered hyperlinking all of these words to some of what I found in my research, but honestly, unless it’s SO MUCH information… if any of it sounds interesting, I suggest looking it up yourself!) Anyways, yeah, RABBIT HOLE. I started by picking up one new succulent– a ‘painted lady’ Echeveria— and a beautiful purple hyacinth for my stepmother. Soon after I was exploring a massive green house near my soon-to-be-abode.

Wentworth 1Orchids, Hibiscus (Hibisci?), Hydrangeas, and Pelargoniums! πŸ˜€

Wentworth 2Pansies, a Koi pond, more Orchids, and some sort of Fern (?)!

As much as I wanted to drag everything home, I had to prioritize. I had already bought some bamboo and started it growing in an up-cycled coffee carafe. What else did I have room for?

Mah GardenA fairly large amount, actually. I dragged home a mint plant (hoping it grows well indoors; if I put it outdoors I may lose control over it’s spread -_-”), MANY pansies (I’ve since shared some with my siblings), a Purple Passion, a pink Hyacinth… you can’t really see them in the photos but I also got Muscari, a Cryptanthus Bivittatus, some Fittonia and a fern for a terrarium, and another Jade plant (a variegated one to go with my straight green I’ve had for three years). I’ve also been given permission to begin a massive gardening ‘project’. In many ways it’s an experiment… I have the pallets now and I ordered strawberry plants, several different types of lettuce seeds, pea seeds, chive seeds, spinach seeds, and a raspberry bush… I want to attempt to grow my own salads. Should be interesting πŸ˜€

As well as exploring all the new places, I’ve been trying to take the time to go to all the places close by I hadn’t had the time for yet. I went up North a bit with a friend to Port Fiber, which I’ve wanted to visit for AGES now! Had so much fun there, and tracked down some stuffz for the breed study as well…

Port FiberIn order from left to right… Hemp, Eri Silk, Muga Silk, Paco Vicugna, and a gorgeous braid of Mohair I couldn’t leave behind πŸ˜‰

It just so happened that the day I went up to Port Fiber, my sister’s beloved goldfish (Kappa) passed away 😦 He was a stupid fish, but massive and very used to humans, and Sister One loved him. On the way home I picked up a gift for her– Mishael, or ‘Mishy-Fishy’–

MishaelHe’s been in the acclimation/quarantine tank for about a week now, being dosed with various medications (just in case!) and getting acclimated to the salt levels in the tank he’ll be in soon enough (with buddy Eleazar)… He’s a cutie πŸ™‚

So obviously besides all this other stuff, I’ve been spinning as time allows.

Hard at WorkSome breed studies are on the way…

IMG_20150415_194334328_medium2I have some plying to do first, though πŸ˜›

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2 Responses to Exploratory Ventures

  1. Sister says:

    You spelled it wrong; its Mishi Fishi.

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