Putting myself back together.

209Well… it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? ^.^” I’ve had a lot going on, and haven’t really had the time to think much about blogging, but I guess I have the time now…

First off, I’m all moved in to my new room.

my world

It’s smaller than my old one, but I got everything to fit (mostly), and I’m going to try to scale down some of the materials for crafts I rarely do. I have a whole wall just for spinning fiber, and a large corner for my yarn… still barely fits πŸ˜›

My garden has been set up for a while now. At this point all I can do is water and fertilize and hope I get produce πŸ˜€ It’s out of my control.

This time of year it tends to be wayyy too hot to do much spinning; I don’t like the feeling of my fiber sticking to me, and I hate having it blow away when I crank up the AC. So I’ve scaled back a little, for now. I have some ready to post here –I don’t have a new scale next, and some of these were spun so long ago I don’t remember the details, so no real ‘breed posts’… just pics:

sari silk and silk cocoonsSari silk and silk cocoons.


bamboo and milk fiber

Bast bamboo, Viscose bamboo, Carbonized bamboo, and Milk Fiber.

various finished yarnsAssorted handspun. A couple others were done, but at the moment I can’t find them 😦

… and soon I’ll have to force myself to spin, ‘cus I’m doing the Tour de Fleece again πŸ˜‰ No teams this time– I’m going to just compete against myself from last year.

Now, then… you may be wondering what I’m doing with my time if I’m not spinning (or crocheting, either; yarn feels sticky right now, too!)… Basically I’ve jumped into yet another hobby; this one I’ve been considering and researching for several years.

I’m gonna be re-modding dolls πŸ˜›

Not gonna lie, I’ve wanted BJDs of each of my characters for a longgggg time. However, they were always prohibitively expensive. Queue up to now. I see a bunch of people on the internet re-doing Monster High dolls and think ‘hmmm… you draw on a new face… you make new hair from locks of wool and such… what’s stopping me from trying it out?’. So while researching (and buying) quite a few MH dolls to mod, I stumbled once again into the world of BJD and found out about the cheaper ‘cousin’– ball-jointed dolls made of plastic and vinyl, rather than resin. A resin doll costs anywhere from $200 to $6000, but I can easily put together a cute non-resin doll for between $45 and $70… less if I hand-make the hair and eyes and do my own face-up.

So from there I had to plan. I knew I wanted to craft dolls of my Main Three– Eclipse, Cog, and Ace, but as humans rather than Mobian-style anthros. As I was trawling for parts, I realized I also wanted to dollify my favorite of my male characters, Yukio, and I also accidentally created a new character entirely when I fell for a new design πŸ˜›

Most of the dolls I’m modding will be hybrids in one way or another. I’m basing Cog on a customized Caladium from Jun Planning. Ace and new-unnamed-character are going to be Little Dal heads on Obitsu or Picco Neemo bodies. Eclipse and Yukio are going to be Parabox or Apple heads on Obitsu or Volks bodies (not sure yet… depends on what I can find on the secondhand market that looks good but is still affordable). All will have eyes I customize myself, and most will have wigs I’ll make by hand (new character was bought because of her cute hair and eyes– she’s just getting a better body. I’m hoping the Caladium wig will fit whatever head I choose for Yukio.) After they are all assembled (a project that will take me several months), I then have to handmake clothes for all of them that fit their character… or cheat and buy Barbie clothes πŸ˜› I’ll cross that bridge when I reach it lol.

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on:

new endevours

Should be fun! I’ll keep you updated…Meanwhile, here’s some doodles:

who i am

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