Little World.


(Thought I’d get this posted before the coming flood of TdF daily posts; I’ve had it written and waiting for pictures for a while)

I really didn’t expect to like this whole ‘doll-thing’ as much as I do. I’ve only been doing this a couple weeks and I’m already all-in. I don’t plan on abandoning fiber work– on the contrary, the two hobbies work well in tandem; hand-dyed locks make lovely hair, and crocheted sweaters are adorable. I like how every aspect of the hobby refers back to something I’ve done before– I can cast custom eyes out of resin, I can make custom clothes both via fiber work and simple sewing, I can carefully draw faces of my own design.

I can take characters I’ve been drawing for years and give them a physical shape. That part appeals to me the most.

So this post is just to show my progress so far– where I am on each character, what new characters have come to be (by accident) while working on my mains, and maybe a little bit of what I have coming up in the near-ish future πŸ˜‰

First off, Cog

Cog bjd

Technically speaking, she’s much newer than my other characters– I first created her design in 2011 after watching a program on cuttlefish (Eclipse has been around for at least three more years than that); she’s a shapeshifter, but that’s what made her so fun in the first place.

Her doll form is child-sized; in the drawings of her, I usually had her ‘normal’ form be much shorter than Eclipse or Yukio or…well, anyone. She doesn’t grow any taller. That’s her full height. (She can shift taller, of course, but not forever. Just for short periods of time.)

Her doll-form is wigged, so I can change her hair whenever I like :3 I chose glass eyes that reminded me of cuttlefish eyes. The base is a Jun Planning Ai Caladium, and is made of ABS plastic.

Mah Trek Girlzz

Trek girls

I fell in love with the Novi Stars while looking for dolls to mod. I love aliens/science fiction/ Star Trek… the ‘Una Vers’ doll reminded me of Andorians, and Roe Botik is a Borg girl if I ever saw one! Their bodies were terrible, though– no articulation and their arms kept falling off πŸ˜› So I modded them on to some Monster High bodies (Operetta for Ari, Abbey Bominable for Oona and Verys, and Roe Botik kept her original body ‘cus BORG). I still need to make little uniforms for them– Roe will go into Command, Oona into Science, Verys into Medicine, and Ari into Engineering… hmmmm… I don’t have a tactical yet… *goes off to search through the other Novi for a good match* Maybe a Cici Thru on a Spectra MH body…

Other dolls

Other dolls

Several others have wandered into my permanent collection– a Jun Planning Hestia I have modified and named Kiely, a Ddung, a Hujoo Yomi I really need to finish fixing up (she arrived secondhand with a terrible face-up, no cute wig, and very loose elastic), some Monster High and Ever After High with gorgeous hair (I plan on re-doing their faces, playing around with their outfits, renaming them. They will become ‘new’.) I also have a list I plan on going through and ordering from either Denver Doll Emporium or Mint on Card; I placed small orders with each of them already, and I plan on evaluating their service and deciding which dolls to order from whom that way. Maybe I’ll divide the business between both; they both have come across quite helpful so far and pleasant…

Thus far I have two resin dolls on order– one to become the doll form of my Starbound avatar, Tiger Lily, and the other because I fell in love with the adorable sculpt. Once they arrive, I want to save up for Miss Kitty…and a couple other DollZone dolls. And an Angell Studio Charlie πŸ˜‰ Because LLAMA.

*sigh*… I’m in deep, aren’t I?

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