Welcoming Little Ovid.


His wig has not arrived yet, but I find him cute anyways.

Technically speaking, Tiger Lily and Tempest would be my first resin BJD purchases… but they have not arrived yet, so that makes this little one my first ‘real’ BJD. I figure each time one arrives, I’ll do a little post [mostly for myself, to keep track] with things like buy-date, arrival date, sculpt, brand, etc… It’s a little silly, but I like keeping track of this portion of my thought process [why I chose names, backgrounds, the individual doll, etc…]

Here we go–

Company:  Doll Leaves
Ordered: 7/4/2015
Arrived:  7/9/2015
From:  Secondhand via Ebay from a loving prior home 😉
Sculpt/Color:  Ovid [2013 X-Mas Event]
Notes:  I managed to get a pretty good deal on him, mainly because he isn’t a super popular sculpt and he’s at least a year old [resin yellows as it ages. And depending on when he was ordered– his event lasted from November to December, and it can take between 2 to 8 months for a resin casting company to get to your order on their queue and cast your doll– he could be one to one-and-a-half years-ish old. I think. I’m still learning this part!…I should count it out on a calendar. But he’s at least a year old.]His original promo photos are still up on the Doll Leaves site. I keep referring to it/him as a ‘he’, although the doll itself is a ‘genderless’ child sculpt. The first owner referred to him as a girl. His sculpt is a little strange; he doesn’t have classically attractive features, but instead a sort of ‘strange but cute’ look. The also-limited Ada and Xixi sculpts are similar; I already managed to snap up a Xixi, too.

I have decided to name him ‘Remedia’; Ovid was a Roman poet, and Remedia is, obviously, Latin for ‘cure or remedy’ [as in, Ovid’s ‘Remedia Amoris’, although in this case he’s more a….

remedium impatientiae...
...I never actually took latin...

… ordering dolls from overseas takes so long; he was in the US, he was not a preorder, he caught my eye, and he was in my budget. Simple.]

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