The Making of Tiger Lily and Tempest– Part One


From the moment I first set my heart on creating a BJD, I knew I had to bring to life my Starbound avatar, Tiger Lily. She’s the Floran I created when I first opened the game, and every time there’s a character wipe, I create her again (but with the appropriate roman numeral after her name– I think I may be on TL6 now…). Ironically, even though game-lore lists Florans as a hyper-aggressive race, my play-throughs of her tend more towards the quiet, the stealthy– I’m more likely to trick an NPC than destroy them, or to trap an alien beast than attack. I’ve slowly spun that into a personality for her character; she’s basically an explorer, an observer, of the Starbound universe, rather than an attempting conqueror like the rest of her race.

Tiger LilyThis is her current self. I plan on the doll having the features of the original Tiger Lily, though– so purple hair instead of orange, and reverse the shirt and pant color (so a black hooded thingy, a deep red shirt, and dark grey/black pants… and a deeper green skin tone; she wasn’t originally this tone of green). Having this in mind, I sketched out a basic idea of what I’m going to do (and I do mean basic):


…after which I researched and found the exact tutorials necessary for me to create her clothes. Choosing the correct sculpt for her wasn’t difficult– there aren’t many doll companies that cast green resin– and I settled on a Bobobie March. It will be a while before she arrives, so I have quite a long time to plan and research. Thus far it seems the biggest challenge will be her shoe size– the length for this sculpt is on the large end, but her feet are narrow >_< should be interesting.

While choosing her sculpt, I stumbled upon something else– a picture ofย  Resinsoul Yu. I knew I had to have her, and that she’d have something to do with Tiger Lily, although at that moment I wasn’t sure what. I put down a deposit on both of them (Tiger Lily in green, ‘Yu’ sculpt in paper white) and settled in to think about it. This is what I came up with:


Again, after coming up with the design, I did my research– all the necessary tutorials for the clothing, all the info on wig and eye sizes… I know what Tempest will look like, and I know she follows TG around like a lost puppy. I think they’ll be fun to customize together and photograph together ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I just have to patiently wait for them to arrive…

*sigh*…it’ll be a long 8-to-16 weeks… odds are I’ll purchase a couple of Hujoo or something from Junky Spot in the mean time >_< I’d love a Nano Rabi, a Suve, a Phoebe, a Freya… I already have a Yomi I need to finish (I bought her used– she came with a bunch of accessories, so it was a great deal– but her amateur face-up looks terrible >_<) May even buy a Bobobie Elfkin, although they’d be so similar to Tempest (similar height, probably the same skin tone, just a different face)… ehhh… I’d have to think very hard about that. It’d probably make more sense to order a Nano Rabi and a Phoebe for about the same amount as one Elfkin, or to trawl eBay and snap up a used BJD ^.^” And of course I’m still saving up for a Miss Kitty… I should have a deposit down by the end of summer…she’s what BJD people would call my grail (lol), and she’d be a great size to ‘interact’ with TG and Tempest for photo shoots…

I guess I should practice making clothes via working with Penny (the Hujoo Yomi…she’s named both after Penny from Bolt and Penny from The Rescuers… what can I say, I’m a sucker for animation!) And my Hestia finally has a name, at the suggestion of Sister One– Kiely, after one of the actresses from the Cheetah Girls (not the one she looks like, but I couldn’t see naming her Sabrina or Dorinda. Kiely fits her well!) She has one outfit done, but I’ll make a few more, I think…


…..well… on that note…

Guess I should get to work ๐Ÿ˜›

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