TdF2015 Day Five

That moment when you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat all week for these two very special, rather expensive packages (in this case, my first two resin BJDs– I bought two older, Limited-Edition sculpts secondhand) and the tracking says out for delivery and you time it just right so they don’t sit in the box very long and your little mail box has a key for one of the package boxes and you open it and… nothing is there. Nothing. The second box has stuff in it– you can see it through the little hole and it looks like your name– but you can’t get in that box and your precious, easily damaged dolls are trapped in a super-heated metal mail box until either the mail person or whoever has the key opens the box and brings them to you or the mail person fixes it tomorrow when they see the note you left for them. And you are FREAKED OUT because those dolls may end up irreparably damaged and you are quite literally powerless to do anything đŸ˜¦ Yeah. That’s my day today.

Anyway. Tour de Fleece.


Morning: Finished second batt for the single ply project and started a colorful, larger scale project. Spent about  1 3/4 hours spinning.

PicMonkey Collage

Afternoon: After running a couple errands, got back to work on the colorful project. Spent a total of four and a half hours on part numero uno.

Well. Long way to go still…


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