TdF2015 Day Six

That moment when you realize that even though your dolls say delivered, maybe, maybe they were delivered to the wrong house and aren’t in that box at all. Or maybe whoever has the key has decided to steal your boxes [and then when they opened them, were so creeped out, they threw out your expensive, irreplaceable BJDs D:]. Or maybe they dropped them off on your porch and someone stole them off the porch. Or maybe they are in there and the post lady will fix it but the damage is already done– maybe the heat has caused the color of the resin to shift, or their face-ups to crack and peel off.

I hate that I go through the whole process of finding the perfect doll to work with and researching the sculpts and the seller and the buying process and I finally go through with buying it and all my efforts can be ruined by a careless mail man and I have no way of holding them accountable. Once the tracking says ‘Delivered’, you are on your own, no matter how big an idiot your post person is.

*sigh* Back to Tour de Fleece-ing.

Morning: Spent most of the morning obsessing over the mail. Eventually that came, everything was sorted out, and I spent several hours working on the dolls and researching what size wigs and clothing to buy for them… *sigh*


Afternoon: Didn’t have a huge amount of time for spinning but started second batt. Spun for about an hour and a half. I’m going to be quite busy tomorrow, but I think I can probably finish it off.

Also posts about my two new snazzy little BJDs will be posted soon, too 🙂

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