Welcoming Little Xixi.


The day after after I won Remedia, I put in a seriously low (in my eyes) offer on the Doll Leaves Xixi that had come up on eBay recently. I wasn’t huge on her face-up, but that’s easily fixable. Anyways, to my amazement, they accepted my offer immediately (quite literally within two minutes 0_0), so now a second LE from Doll Leaves resides in my collection ❤ Here’s the full and proper welcome/notation post~! She still needs her new face, and her wig has not arrived yet, but I like her quite a bit all the same 🙂 I love making clothes for her so far~!

Company:  Doll Leaves
Ordered: 7/4/2015
Arrived:  7/9/2015
From:  Secondhand on eBay
Sculpt/Color:  Xixi [2014 New Years Event]
Notes:  Much like Ovid, Xixi is not classically beautiful, but I think she has a level of cuteness to her. She is probably about a year old, based on when her event ran. Her original photos can still be seen on the Doll Leaves site.Once again this can be considered a ‘genderless’ sculpt; on the boards, each person who received the doll made their own choice. Personally I feel this little one is a ‘she’. Her biggest drawing point is her ears– I have a major weak spot for elf ears 🙂

The name of the sculpt– ‘Xixi’– is Chinese slang for, literally, ‘tee hee’, or a small laugh/giggle. With that in mind I have named her Rysa, meaning ‘laughter’ or ‘laughing’.

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