Updates to the Tiny World

(Follow-up to Little World, Remy, Rysa…)

Now that the TdF is over, I thought I’d go through and do a little summary post of everything I was doing ‘in between’ spinning, because obviously I have multiple hobbies going on in tandem ^.^” Anyways.

Zoo1 Zoo2 Zoo3 Zoo4

Took my yearly Zoo visit 🙂


Still haven’t found cute clothes for him; I’ve tried about seven different brands of doll clothes on him and Rysa. The only thing that came close is Lati Yellow. Ideally I’d like to pick up a pair of pants, a t-shirt, and a cute hat for him and leave it at that. Hopefully I’ll find something cute on Etsy or Ebay, because I’m getting quite frustrated with the whole thing! I really need to either buy or make both of them some cuter wigs, too.


Still haven’t been able to re-do Rysa’s face; the humidity has been well over 60% every day I have off, and if the humidity is too high, the sealant cracks and turns white. As soon as the humidity dips below 60%– preferably closer to 45%– I’ll re-do her face, and probably Penny’s, too.

Real Good Toys Simplicity

I decided to give my collection more structure– for the most part I’m going to focus on tinies, specifically ones that can fit in a dollhouse. This is the one I’m saving up to build.

Already started in on collecting up dollhouse furniture. These are being sanded, repainted, and sealed (and in some cases, re-upholstered) to fit my color scheme better.


My favorite part of this whole process so far :3


I’ve done some re-organizing again. Leaves me room for a few more dolls, at least (I still want Rochelle, Astranova, Elle, Catrine, and Catty Noir…)


Other than all of that, just going through and making plans/preparing for the arrival of the various other dolls I have on order. Teej and Tempest could arrive any day now. The MoC layway order will be paid off before the end of December, so that’s around when those four arrive (and I had the foresight this time to order their eyes and wigs at the same time, so at least they won’t be totally blank!). And I have one more that arrived today….

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to. Right this moment– as I type, even– I have a fleece dyeing in the kitchen; I’m trying to get back into spinning, even though the weather makes it less pleasant. Tonight I’ll work on some wigs for Remy and Rysa. And I really need to finish up my TdF summary blog post, although I’m waiting until my prizes arrive to post it (photos of those, of course)…

Guess I’ll get back to work 😉


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