Welcoming Miss Renée Illumine

Renee steps

I know, I know… why did I buy another used doll when I have a down-payment on two from DDE and a layaway at MoC? Why add another doll when I already have six on the way in the next six months? Well… two reasons really… I’m impatient and I really like her ❤ So on with my standard welcoming post!

Company:  PlanetDoll
Ordered:  8/2/2015
Arrived:  8/6/15
From:  Thirdhand on Ebay (more on that in a moment)
Sculpt/Color:  22 Honey Minimi Roseanne with ‘Normal Skin’
Notes:  Where do I even begin? I stumbled across her on Ebay while feeling irritated at how long my Bobobie order is taking to come. She had no bids and 24 hours left to go– I put her on my watch list so I could think about it, and then immediately put in my bid when I woke up the next morning. Immediately after winning, I panicked. She has strange proportions (compared to what I’m used to), and I had no idea what to dress her in. Google searches led me to two interesting conclusions. The first is that very few people seem to own this sculpt– I found absolutely minimal info, even less than with Remy and Rysa! The second is more fun. Via the specific shape of her eyebrows + the unique, non-standard eyes she was listed with, I tracked this EXACT doll through three Ebay sales. The first time she didn’t sell. The second time I had actually had her in my watch list and was PLANNING on buying her, but she was snapped up before I could. Then the person who got to her before me listed. her. again. Poor thing… this time, though, she made it home :)Part of the reason I picked her up is that her facial sculpt reminds me a lot of Remy, and I thought they could be ‘related’ (preferably, she’d be his older sister, but I might make her a cousin instead). So I was trying to choose a name for her that started with the letter R and I kept drifting between different choices– Rumor, Relume, Rae– before stumbling on the word ‘Illumine‘ and settling on that. The next morning, though, I realized that everytime I thought about her, I was referring to her as Renée, so I guess her name is Renée Illumine.


So. That’s that, then. I’m still having difficulty finding clothes for her– no one really makes anything for her odd size, so I’m having to do a lot of guess work– but she’s already a great base to start with; pretty face-up, gorgeous eyes… I’m going to make a nice, floofy wig for her and rig up or modify some fantasy-esque clothing for her, and she’ll fit right in…

…and I may have to buy one of PlanetDoll’s mermaids to keep her company. *sigh*

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