Aller Anfang ist schwer.

Friday: On the way home from picking up Renee’s new clothes, I finally stopped and looked over a dollhouse I’d been admiring. A local antique shop had been displaying it, on and off, for the past two months. I was expecting a price tag higher than what the kit would cost (the kit I wanted is over $200), but to my surprise, it was tagged at only $60, and after a little bargaining, I took it home for $50. It was exactly the type I had been hoping to build.

housebeforeIt needed some obvious basic repairs and cleaning, and I knew I’d be repainting it, but other than that it seemed perfect.

Saturday: Worked a twelve-hour shift. Entertained myself with ideas of how I’d re-do the dollhouse– did I want to replace that shoddy roof, or just repair and repaint? Sci-fi theme? Steampunk? Paint or wallpaper? Honestly, it got me through the day; we were very busy and I was having a difficult time of it.

Sunday: Woke up at 6:30 so I could get started on the dollhouse early. Washed it up first, scrubbing it down with a sponge. I decided to replace the roof, so I began removing shingles…and discovered termites. And freaked out. Like, more than a little. After a brief amount of research, I took the dollhouse outside into the hot, brilliant sunlight and continued ripping off the shingles. And the siding. And the windows (sadly I broke one of them; they’re real glass 😦 ). As I went I  discovered more and more; my best guess is that the house was infested after it entered the antique place, just based on the level of damage. I definitely will not be buying any of their furniture!

houseafterGot most of the way done and then took off to pick up some supplies– some sort of pesticide (I chose an all-natural one based around plant oils), some sand paper, all of my paints, brushes… see, termites don’t particularly care for painted wood, and if the idiot who built this house had done their job right in the first place and PRIMED EVERY PIECE WITH PAINT, I probably wouldn’t be having this problem.

While I was out, I contented myself by picking up more clothes for Renee and for her coming sister, Jeanette:

morereneecwardrobe…love how these fit her; I have only the tiniest bit of modifying to do ❤ Sparkle Girlz clothes are really a good choice for PlanetDoll Honey-sized…

Anyways, got back home and finished tearing off the siding. I have quite the sunburn now; I was out for a long time >_< Coated the entire house, inside and out, with that all-natural stuff. Left it for a few hours, then applied borax. I’m still finding some survivors; I’m trying to decide what to do next….

Nothing can ever go easy, can it? The only bright side is that now I am not hindered in any way by the previous owner’s decisions; I can shape the dollhouse into any creation I want, with or without siding, with or without shingles. I don’t have to be tied down to a ‘traditional’ look (and it’s a modern dollhouse from a standard kit– I found the tags on the wood while removing the shingles– so no need to ‘preserve’ it as a historical artifact or anything like that).

Well. Back to evaluating my options. I don’t want to do anything dangerous– this object is going to live in my bedroom and be touched and played with often– but at the same time, most of my furniture is made of wood, and my house has a lot of sheet-rock. I can’t take any chances.

Any advice would be much appreciated ^.^

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