I’ve been feeling trapped lately. Trapped and in need of an adventure. I can never tell if it’s my home that makes me crave change, or my frustrating job, but when I had the chance to go back to my family’s home for two days, I didn’t think twice.

Wednesday wasn’t anything interesting– just me chilling at home, for the most part. I didn’t go up North until that night, and after sitting through my sister’s mind-numbing orientation at the high school, I was free to do as I wished. I mentioned to my father how much I wanted to improve my photography, and he loaned me a very nice camera, so I have a fairly large number of pictures from this short trip πŸ˜‰ Other than sleeping, though, the only thing I did that night was watch Age of Extinction…a horribly confusing movie, honestly, but it’d been on my list for a long time.

Thursday was a lot of fun πŸ™‚ Sister One and I went on a multi-part adventure.Β  First we hit a local pet store– not a lot going on there, but there were some very pretty fish.

Taken with the old camera on the sly.

Taken with the old camera on the sly.

I almost bought a bettaΒ  there– it’s been on my mind recently that I really want another one— but other than a hot pink one, none really jumped out at me, and even the pink one didn’t really scream ‘take me home’, so no purchases there. After picking up some snacks and hitting a few dud thrift stores, we went a little farther North to another pet store– this time a chain one, a Petsmart. I’m really not happy with their treatment of their fish; the Petco near me seems to do a much better job (with higher prices to show for it, but still, their fish SURVIVE, unlike all the community tank fish we’ve gotten at Petsmart). Still, they had just gotten in a huge shipment of betta fish and were in the middle of processing them/changing their water. Technically the associate should not have sold me a ‘fresh’ one– they are supposed to quarantine for a few days– but technically she wasn’t too bright and all their ‘not fresh’ bettas were lethargic and either dying in their cups or already belly-up, so the fresh one was a better bet. I took him home and picked up a 10-gallon tank set so I could set up a divided tank and have two bettas πŸ™‚

Diamine-- as in, Diamine Red Dragon.

Diamine– as in, Diamine Red Dragon.

After that we went home to rest for a spell. A couple hours later we trecked out again, this time to the pet shop closest to my sister’s house. Apparently everyone got a shipment of bettas Thursday, because they had twenty or so resting in little cups with a ‘Display Only for 24 Hours’ sign until they were ready to sell. The shop girl let us look through them, though– every one was so pretty!– and we made plans to return the next day so I could pick up Diamine’s tankmate.

Friday was the fair πŸ™‚ A special fair for me, honestly– the summer after high school, when I had only just learned to crochet, I went to this fair and was introduced to the world of spinning yarn by a breeder of angora rabbits. At the time I wanted to crochet with every fiber (sound familiar?), and angora has a special place in my heart. She gave a spinning demo, and so totally convinced me that this. was. AWESOME. that I ordered my first spindle that night.

SoΒ  it was THAT fair. It’s a tradition at this point… we mostly go to see animals.

Chicky hatchery. Little freshly hatched one was quite vocal ;)

Chicky hatchery. Little freshly hatched one was quite vocal πŸ˜‰



So many cows...

So many cows…

lotsa random critters.

lotsa random critters.

Sheepies and Goatses.

Sheepies and Goatses.

After that, there was only one required tradition–

blooming onionAfter we left the fair, we rushed back to the pet store to pick up Di’s ‘friend’… and I got a little side-tracked:


donut box of bettasSo… two for me, two for Sis… what started as a plan to have one betta in one 5-gallon morphed into plans to have two 10-gallons split into a total of four 5-gallon bachelor pads.

This is Calligraphy. He reminds me of this; I picked up a set of these inks with my sister a few months ago, and he reminds me of them. Terrible pics-- he's in quarentine right now.

This is Calligraphy. He reminds me of this; I picked up a set of these inks with my sister a few months ago, and he reminds me of them. Terrible pics– he’s in quarantine right now.

This one I was sorta guilted into, but I don't regret him at all. His coloration reminds me of the Screaming Death; I have named him Night Vision after the Imagine Dragons album.

This one I was sorta guilted into, but I don’t regret him at all. His coloration reminds me of the Screaming Death; I have named him Night Vision after the Imagine Dragons album.

Choosing which two I would bring home was actually super difficult; I knew I wanted a flowy one to be in the same tank as Di so as to keep things– for lack of a better word– ‘symmetrical’. I also had a feeling I would need a second tank, anyways– Sister One mentioned I might be getting one of the baby koi-style bettas she ordered– and a ten gallon is just as easy to care for as a five. The koi one would be a short-tail, so I wanted a short-tail (Plakat) as his friend. I narrowed my choices down from 20 purdies to 5 Very Purdies, with Sis pushing for Vis the entire time (see, he was from the previous batch and had actually been in the shop over a month… him and his two litter clutch spawn-siblings, a diamond-eyed brother and a pearlescent sister. Sis bought his sister, Grace). After aggression-testing the five contenders– lower aggression is preferred for a split tank– I finally decided on Calli (almost no aggression) and Vis (low to moderate aggression, which, for a Plakat, is pretty good).

After picking up the second tank, I went home, moved all my furniture around to allow for the tanks, and with my sister’s help, set everything up. Right now each is in a seperate enclosure for quarantine; tomorrow I’ll be finishing up the divider and moving Calli into Di’s tank. I’m a bit nervous– I didn’t think to aggression-test Di, so he might react badly. I still need to buy black sand, Anubias and Water Sprite for Vis’ tank, and Swords and Anubias for Di-and-Calli’s tank… and a light for their tank… and another divider (I only have one right now)…

Letsee what else…

Oh. Forgot to take note of this stuff:

Night Vision is a red-based silver Dragonscale Plakat.

Diamine is a…this is complicated… his cup said Twintail Halfmoon, and he has butterfly-style coloring.

Calligraphy is a… well, hard to say. He rarely flares; hopefully I’ll be able to tell once he’s in his full space. I’m leaning towards Rose tail, and his coloring is definitely multicolored/mutt.

So that’s all I got in me for tonight πŸ˜‰ It was a longggg shift at work; honestly, I’m surprised I’m still upright. I’ll post more tomorrow.


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