Welcoming Little Gaille

Stock> Listing> Current

Stock> Listing> Current

Well, I guess all my worrying was for nothing 🙂 Little Gaille has arrived safely from Canada! 😉

Company:  Resin Soul
Ordered:  August 16th, 2015
Arrived:  August 27th, 2015
From:  Secondhand via eBay
Sculpt/Color:  Yu in White (now mellowed to a cream)
Notes:  Such a cutie! I love her size, and I want her to become the doll I take with me in my bag for on-the-spot photo shoots. She needs some work, though– specifically, she’s verrrry kicky and has some belly-pop style jointing issues. Bright side is the gives me a project to work on; I’ve been meaning to look into how to wire my dolls for better posing and how to hot-glue suede; now I have the impetus to do so.


Her name is Gaille purely because her cousin — the one that hasn’t arrived yet— is being named Tempest and this makes sense to me 😉


It’ll be difficult to get her ready for being my ‘carry’ doll, but I look forward to it 🙂 She’s very cute…

This will be my last ‘new arrival’ until my pre-orders from DDE and MoC arrive 🙂 Wouldn’t want the collection to get out of hand!!

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